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Succeeding in Your First Year


What Is the Academic Skills Center?

The Academic Skills Center is available to help all Dartmouth students be more effective and efficient learners. Don’t rely on high school study skills to get you through your first year. Use the ASC and its resources to get you on the right path towards academic success at Dartmouth! Come to 224 Baker . We are open M-F from 8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.

The Academic Skills Center offers:

Individual Academic Assistance

Learning @Dartmouth Course

Speed Reading Course

Learning Strategies Videos

Learning Skills Handouts

Tutoring and Study Groups

Learning Links

Individual Academic Coaching

* Make an appointment with Carl Thum, Director of the Academic Skills Center or Leslie Schnyder, Assistant Director of Academic Skills Center.

* Blitz OR call (603) 646-2014.

* See these Reasons you Might Visit the ASC.

Academic Coaching

Learning @ Dartmouth Course

* Learning at Dartmouth introduces you to the key learning strategies and important resources that will help you succeed at Dartmouth.

* Earn one PE credit!

* Fall Term only!

* Details on time and location will be announced as Fall term approaches

* For more information:

Speed Reading Course

* 4 sessions; offered each term

* For more information:

Streaming Videos


Useful Learning Skills Handouts


 Learning Links

The Academic Skills Center has complied a list of resources from other institutions to give you even more important information.

Check out these sites for tips on how to succeed in your first year:

For more resources, see our Learning Links Page.

You can also visit our blog at

Tutor Clearinghouse

Individual Peer Tutoring

* Hundreds of smart students sign up for a tutor and/or enroll into a study group each term!

* You’ll learn more and do better on tests/exams if you sign up for a tutor or join a study group.

* Students awarded Financial Aid from Dartmouth receive up to three hours/week/class of tutoring at the College's expense.

* Tutors are usually upperclassmen who received top grades in the courses they tutor.

* Find the “Request a Tutor” form here

Study Groups

* Study groups are offered for many introductory courses in math, econ, physics, etc.

* Study Groups meet 1.5 hours/week

* Non-Financial Aid students pay $30 to join a study group. Financial Aid students pay $10 to join a study group

* You may sign up online to join a Study Group online.

Apply to Be a Tutor!

 If you have received an exemption or credit to Dartmouth in Math, Science, or Language courses, consider being a TUTOR!

 * Tutors meet with their students for up to 3 hours/week.

 * Tutors are paid $9/hour.

 * For more information, click here.


Last Updated: 3/22/14