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Notetaking Services at Dartmouth College


Note-Taking Services at Dartmouth

Note-taking services are authorized for students whose disability affects independent note-taking in the classroom. Note-taking can be provided by volunteer students in the same class or by a paid note-taker, secured through Student Accessibility Services (SAS). This service relies on the combined efforts of students, the SAS staff, and the Dartmouth faculty.

Why would a student need a note-taker?

A student may not be able to take complete or adequate notes due to a number of reasons, some of which are visible (e.g., an injured or non-functioning hand) and some that are not visible (e.g., having an auditory or language processing problem or a hearing or visual disability). If a student has a documented disability that interferes with the ability to take class notes, then the College will help provide note-taking support.

What should I do if I need a note-taker?

To determine if you are eligible for note-taking assistance, please make an appointment to meet with the staff at Student Accessibility Services (SAS). You can call 603-646-9900 or drop by the office between 8:00am and 4:30pm to make an appointment with a member of our staff.

If you are already eligible for note-taking services, please complete the note-taker request form, which is emailed to students each term from SAS.

What are my responsibilities when receiving note-taking services?

• Attend all of the classes for which you would like to receive notes; your note-taker should not be expected to provide notes for classes you do not attend (unless special disability-related arrangements are made ahead of time with a note-taker and SAS).

• You remain responsible for knowing the deadlines, assignments, and other course information delivered in lecture or in the syllabus, regardless of whether the information is in the notes. We recommend you check over the notes you receive, in case you have any questions or require clarification.

• Inform SAS if you run into any difficulties, such as the note-taker not sending notes in a timely fashion.

What is a peer note-taker?

Peer note-takers are students who are paid to sit in on a course for which they may or may not be registered, and take legible, accurate and comprehensive notes. The note-taker then provides the recipient with a digital copy of the class notes - no later than 24 hours after the class has occurred.

Requirements for the Position of Paid Note-Taker

• Have an overall GPA of 3.00 or higher.

• Take clear, comprehensive class notes (using legible handwriting or computer keyboarding).

• Provide copies of class note samples (preferably from classes similar to the one for which you are applying).

Obligations of the Note-Taker

• Must attend a mandatory note-taker training session provided by a staff member at Student Accessibility Services.

• Commit to the position for an entire term.

• Provide a digital copy of your notes within 24 hours after the class.

• Answer all clarification questions from the student recipient of your notes.

• Attend every scheduled class for which you are taking notes.

• Be responsible for turning in time sheets regularly, to ensure receiving payments regularly.

• As a note-taker, you are an employee of Dartmouth College, and you will need to complete the employment paperwork (e.g., W4, etc.)


• You will be paid per hour for class time.

• Your own note-taking skills (and learning) will be reinforced (or even improved).

• It looks great on your résumé.

• You will have access to helpful note-taking resources.

• You get to assist other students by providing an important academic service.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Note-Taker Application Form
  2. Blitz two pages of your notes (from a similar class)


For more information about how to receive or provide note-taking services, please contact Student Accessibility Services at 603-646-9900 or blitz  "notetaking".

Last Updated: 8/17/16