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Office of Student Life

6135 Collis Center, Suite 217
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-6979

Service Chairs Resources

Service Chairs resources 


Guidelines for Bakesales, Cooking Contests etc

If you are intending to hold a bake sale, barbecue or cooking contest, in order to make this a safe event for everyone to enjoy, the organizers and all cooks and handlers of food are required to read the information on the appropriate Food Volunteer Form ahead of time and sign a copy of this form on the day of the event stating that you have abided by all the criteria. The organizing group should keep the completed forms as part of their Risk Management records.

Form 24: Food Volunteer Form - Pot Luck Events

Form 25: Food Volunteer Form - Bake Sales

Form 26: Food Volunteer Form - BarbecuesShould you require more information please go to

or contact Dartmouth College Environmental Health and Safety on 603 646 1762


Service Opportunities

Email for information on volunteer opportunities through The Tucker Foundation at Dartmouth College 

A complete volunteer jobs listing can be found on the VALLEY NEWS website: Click on “Life & Times” and then “Volunteers” then

"Volunteer Jobs Listing". You need to log in to read it but there is free registration to read up to 5 articles per month.


Contact Information for Local Charities

CHaD Half Marathon (during fall term)

Childrens Hospital at Dartmouth 

The Haven

The Junction - Listen Teen Lifeskills Center

The Prouty

Upper Valley Cinderella Project (email address for the organizer of the Upper Valley Cinderella Project)

Upper Valley Humane Society


Last Updated: 9/19/16