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Principle: Leadership

Outcome: Develop Leadership Skills

Meyer-Briggs Test

Have someone lead the new members through a Meyers-Briggs personality type activity. Contact GLOS about the activity.

Know your True Colors

Have the new members participate in a True Colors workshop. Contact GLOS for more information.


Hold an etiquette program

Invite a speaker to do a program on etiquette for the chapter. This can be done through a 'hands on' dinner, a speaker / workshop or in a game show format. Make sure if using teams that there is a mix of new members and members one ach team.

Plan events together

New members can plan and execute an event to promote one of the values of the chapter.


Shadow officers

Have new members shadow an officer for a week helping them to make decisions and complete their job.

Bring in a speaker on a leadership topic

Hold a workshop for new members on a leadership topic like motivation, conflict management, parliamentary procedures, interpersonal development, confrontation or time management.








Last Updated: 10/19/15