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Office of Student Life

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Important Information for Events / Bands / Contracts

Greek Chapters:

If you are intending planning an event with a band, DJ or other performers on campus please follow the following checklist

For more information on individual circumstances please visit the GLOS office at 211 Collis

For more detailed information and ideas please check out the COSO Event Planning website

At least 4 weeks ahead of time:

  1. Discuss ideas to see what would be popular with members of your organization / friends / classmates / other groups you are involved in

  2. Planning - do you have sufficient members who are willing to assist in organization, staffing the event, completing paperwork and finances, organizing catering and risk management?

  3. What is your budget? Costs might include: performers, tents, dig-safe, tables and chairs, accommodation, venue rental, sound equipment, lighting, advertising, catering, beverages, security, decorations, clean-up crew etc. Come up with a budget first before you select performers

  4. Reserve your preferred location with plenty of notice (2 weeks absolute minimum, preferably longer). If you are considering an on-campus space you may reserve it here: R25 Scheduling. For outdoor events you will need a back-up indoor location in the event of rain

  5. Make sure for ALL outdoor events, BBQ's, concerts, or any time there is amplified music outside that you complete an Outdoor Activities Permit and lodge with Laura LaMontagne in Conferences and Events (2nd floor, Blunt) (2 weeks notice minimum)

  6. If you will require a tent you will need to request a "Dig Safe". Please speak with Laura LaMontagne (2 weeks notice minimum)

  7. Apply for SPEC, GLC, IFC, Panhel etc. funding with at least 2 weeks notice, preferably longer. More details and information here

  8. Think about co-sponsoring with other organizations such as COSO orgs, Programming Board, other student organizations, fraternities, sororities and societies
  9. Ask the performer or agent for their Standard Service Contract which should provide you with the scope of what they are offering (i.e. performer's name, date of performance, time of performance, length of set, time of sound check etc.) Take note of any other requests that they may have such as whether your organization is responsible for charges for accommodation, food, sound equipment etc.) Do NOT sign a contract without getting some advice from a college staff member

  10. Ask the performer or agent about their insurance. If they do not carry insurance they may purchase it for the event from a vendor such as Marsh: The college or Greek chapter may not be insured for concerts on their liability policy. Please check with a college staff member

  11. Once you are happy with the terms of the agent or performers contract and you have seen a copy of the insurance certificate, you may complete a contract on behalf of your organization. Please contact us for more information and assistance

  12. Consider catering options and hydration stations. You must use an insured caterer - more

  13. Make sure that your venue is accessible - more information:

  14. If alcohol is being served please register here: again, ahead of time

  15. Crowd control and security. Depending upon the size of your event and it's location you may need college security, town police, private security or student volunteer security workers. If you need assistance with this process please speak with GLOS or Safety and Security

Concert at Tri-Kap Spring 2014


Last Updated: 10/19/15