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Psi Upsilon

Psi Upsilon Fraternity

Full Chapter Name
The Zeta Chapter of Psi Upsilon International Fraternity
Psi U
Street Address
7 West Wheelock Street
Hanover, NH 03755
Mailing Address
Hinman Box 5219
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755
Email Address
Further Information
National Headquarters
Psi Upsilon International Office, 3003 East 96th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240-1357, (317) 571-1833
Mission statement
United in friendship, Psi Upsilon members aspire to moral, intellectual and social excellence in themselves as they seek to inspire these values in society.
Psi Upsilon Values
  • Lifelong friendship. Psi Upsilon unites its members in a diverse brotherhood of firm and enduring friendship that will last a lifetime.
  • Moral leadership. Psi Upsilon's system of self-governance nurtures development of mature decision-making, individual responsibility and moral leadership.
  • Intellectual engagement. Psi Upsilon fosters individual and chapter support for the academic mission of the college and creates opportunities for co-curricular learning and personal development.
  • Responsible social conduct. Psi Upsilon’s members are guided by principles of responsibility, civility and courtesy.
  • Service to society. Psi Upsilon encourages service to college, community, country and Fraternity.
Unto us has befallen a mighty friendship
Chapter colors
Garnet and gold
Council membership
Interfraternity Council
AXiS Score
2014: 89%
Minimum GPA Required for Membership
Rent / dues
Awards 2014
The Zeta chapter of Psi Upsilon at Dartmouth College won the following awards at the 171st annual Psi Upsilon annual convention in June, 2014
  • Garnet & Gold Award for Academic Excellence. Any chapter which has achieved a chapter GPA of 3.0, or greater, in each semester for the prior year, or a GPA in excess of the all-men's average (or all-campus average, as appropriate) for their respective schools, may be given an award of academic excellence.
  • Owl Award for Exceptional Academic Performance. Any chapter which demonstrates a truly significant academic achievement, may be given an award for exceptional academic performance
  • Clasped Hand Award for Philanthropy and Service. This award is presented to chapters that have devoted significant time and effort to philanthropic efforts and community service.
  • Diamond Award for Exceptional Chapters. This award recognizes chapters that distinguish themselves by exceeding the Psi Upsilon Fraternity chapter standards
GLOS Awards 2014:
Psi Upsilon won a Service Program Award for the 'The Haven Warming Shelters Project'
Academic Program award for their 'Scholarship Program'
Jake Leichtling '14 won a Scholarship All-Star Award
Nejc Zupan '14 won an Athletic All-star Award
Luke Suydam '14 won a Kaiser Award, given to students who have most exemplified the ideals and principles of Dartmouth College
Awards 2013
The Zeta chapter of Psi Upsilon at Dartmouth College won the following awards at the 170th annual Psi Upsilon annual convention in June, 2013
  • The Diamond Award for Exceptional Chapters is presented to chapters that distinguish themselves by exceeding the Psi Upsilon Fraternity chapter standards. The Zeta chapter has demonstrated unparalleled academic excellence, service, athletic achievement, and leadership and received the Diamond Award for Exceptional Chapters.
  • The Clasped Hand Award for Outstanding Philanthropy and Service. 
  • The Award of Distinction - presented to the Zeta chapter which has demonstrated a significant contribution to service through the Philanthropic All-American Rush.
GLOS Awards 2013: 
Duncan Hall '13, the Greek leadership Council chair, won the Greek Man of the Year Award
Christian Sherrill '13, won the Outstanding President Award
Timothy Brown '13, won a Kaiser Award, given to students who have most exemplified the ideals and principles of Dartmouth College.
The Zeta Chapter of Psi Upsilon International Fraternity (“Psi U”) was founded at Dartmouth in 1842, the first fraternity at Dartmouth College. In 1907, Psi Upsilon built the wood frame house it still occupies, designed by noted New Jersey theater architect and Dartmouth alumnus Fred Wesley Wentworth.
Philanthropy: Psi U is dedicated to serving the community in and around the Upper Valley Region. Throughout the year, Psi U engages in different philanthropy efforts of various sizes, and is constantly evaluating how to increase our impact on the community. Some examples of Psi U projects include:
-The Prouty: For decades Psi U has been raising money and competing in the Prouty, the largest cancer fundraiser in North America. In 2014 and 2013, 100% of Psi U's on campus participated in the Prouty in one way or another. In 2014, Psi U held the first annual "Psi U 4 U" fundraiser in which members did handy work for other students in exchange for donations.
-CHaD: Psi U also participates in an annual fun-run during the fall in support of the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Members organized multiple Barbecue fundraisers leading up to the event at Psi U in exchange for cash or Dash donations.
-The Haven: Last year, Psi U began a relationship with the Upper Valley Haven, a homeless shelter and food kitchen. Weekly, members of Psi U cook dinner for those at the Haven. Moreover, multiple times throughout the winter, Psi U's staff the Haven's homeless shelter, which provides shelter from New Hampshire's harsh winters.
A little more information about us
 For over 170 years, the Psi Upsilon Zeta chapter has been characterized by our strong bonds of brotherhood. We are proud today as we continue to support the excellence of our undergraduates and celebrate the accomplishments of our alumni.
The Dartmouth College Zeta Chapter of Psi Upsilon Shield
Arms - Sable, two dexter hands hand-in-hand in fess between the Greek capital letters Psi and Upsilon, the former in chief, the latter in base, or, impaling vert, an Ionic column of white marble proper, enveloped with a chain of the second. The chain binding the column suggests the Brothers are bound together and holding fast to the ideals of culture.
Crest - on a wreath of vert an owl argent
Motto - "We are united" as translated from the Greek; presented vert on a scroll argent

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