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Office of Student Life

6135 Collis Center, Suite 217
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-6979

Kappa Delta

Kappa Delta Sorority

Full chapter name

The Eta Xi chapter of Kappa Delta sorority



Street Address

1 Occom Ridge
Hanover, NH 03755

For information on the new Kappa Delta house please click here

Mailing Address

Hinman Box 5247

Dartmouth College

Hanover, NH 03755

Email Address


 National Headquarters

Kappa Delta Sorority
3205 Players Lane
Memphis, TN 38125
Phone: 1-901-748-1897 or 1-800-536-1897

 Mission statement

Kappa Delta Sorority is a national organization for women committed to:

  • Inspiring our members to reach their full potential;

  • Preparing our members for community service, active leadership and responsible citizenship;

  • Creating opportunities for lifetime involvement through innovative and responsive programs, and strategic collaborations and partnerships; and

  • Fostering the development of our time-honored values within the context of friendship


Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest

Chapter colors

Olive green and pearl white

Council membership

Panhellenic Council

Minimum GPA Required for Membership

2.50 minimum for the term prior to recruitment


Emily Rutherford '16

Rent / dues

  • New Member Dues:

    • Chapter Dues: $200
    • Plus Badge Fee: $50
    • Plus Initiation Fee: $175
    • Total : $425 for the first term of membership
    • Plus:
      • Fall New members: $50 housing fee
      • Winter New members: $50 housing fee
      • AND Fall / Winter New members: $75 National Initiated Member Fee
  • Fall Term Dues:

    • Chapter Dues: $250
    • Plus National Risk Management Fee: $25
    • Plus National Leadership Fee: $35
    • Total Dues: $310 
    • Plus Magazine Sale: $40 (or the difference amounting up to $40) IF member does not sell $40 worth of magazine subscriptions between Sept. – Dec. Includes fall pledges.
  • Winter Term Dues:

    • Chapter Dues: $250
    • Plus Golden Circle Fee: $10
    • Plus Children in Need Donation: $2
    • Total: $262
  • Spring Term Dues:

    • Chapter Dues: $250
    • Plus National Initiated Member Fee: $75 (Fall / Winter Pledges pay in summer, graduating sisters do NOT pay this fee)
    • Total: $325
  • Summer Term Dues:

    • Chapter Dues: $250
    • Total: $250

**Chapter Dues only apply to members who are ON campus and ACTIVE. All other charges are from National Kappa Delta and apply to ALL initiated members (ON/OFF, ACTIVE/INACTIVE)**


Kappa Delta, a national sorority, colonized the Eta Xi chapter on the Dartmouth campus in 2009. The Dartmouth Panhellenic Council approved the sorority on May 25, 2009. The sorority recruited its first members in the summer of 2009, and Kappa Delta held its first formal rush during the fall 2009 academic term, offering membership bids to 37 women. The Kappa Delta house at 1 Occom Ridge is due to be completed for the class of 2015 women to move in at the beginning of Fall term 2014.


  • Girl Scouts provides Kappa Delta members opportunities for face-to-face volunteering. Each year, Kappa Deltas devote over 175,000 hours to working with Girl Scouts in their communities. Popular KD Girl Scout events are self-esteem workshops, campus tours, International Girls Day celebrations and anti-bullying workshops.

  • Since 1984, Kappa Delta collegiate and alumnae chapters have held Shamrock Events — local fundraisers that vary from jambalaya feeds and twister games to silent auctions and golf classics — to support the prevention of child abuse. Shamrock Events, staged by thousands of Kappa Delta women in hundreds of communities nationwide, are held throughout the year and have earned local and national media attention.

  • Every year, KD collegiate and alumnae chapters raise more than $1.5 million dollars to benefit child abuse prevention efforts

Last Updated: 1/13/16