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Gender-Inclusive Greek Council

The Gender-Inclusive Greek Council at Dartmouth oversees and supports its three chapters in their efforts to promote leadership, scholarship and sibling-hood.  We, as a council, and as a group also strive to provide open and accepting spaces for all members of the Dartmouth Community. 

Gender-Inclusive Greek Council Leadership
Gen-Inc Council President Veri Di Suvero
Gen-Inc Treasurer Ethan Klein
Gen-Inc VP Samantha Smith
Gen-Inc Secretary Alyssa Loyless

Gender Inclusive Greek Council Constitution and Bylaws

updated 2.22.15

Member Chapters

Chapter Name More information   Year Established
Alpha Theta Gender-Inclusive Greek House Alpha Theta Local 1921 as Theta Chi 
  Chapter website Privately owned house
Phi Tau Phi Tau Local 1905 as Phi Sigma Kappa
  Chapter website Privately owned house
The Tabard The Tabard Local 1857 as Phi Zeta Mu
  Chapter website Privately owned house

Last Updated: 1/21/16