On October 22nd, the NSS hosted four doctors from a variety of healthcare professions. These included family physician Dr. Adam Sorscher, dentist Dr. Tanner Wallace (pictured), pharmacist Dr. Michael Nardone, and veterinarian Dr. Heather Hoyns. Often, students choose to pursue a pre-health education at Dartmouth with the intention to attend medical school without considering alternate paths in the healthcare field. This event provided an opportunity to expose pre-health students to the fields of dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, and family medicine – fields that are generally under-represented in the Dartmouth pre-health community.


While the students enjoyed dinner, each doctor gave a short speech on their experience in each unique profession – how they chose to pursue it, what their responsibilities entail on a daily basis, and what they enjoy about their work. Students had the opportunity to ask the doctors questions after each presentation, and also to speak with them more informally after the speeches were over and as everyone was finishing up their food. The event garnered a variety of attendees, including upperclassmen closely following the pre-health track along with curious freshmen simply considering it. The dinner was a great opportunity to learn more about these lesser-known careers and enjoy good food and conversation with local healthcare professionals!