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Summer Lecture Series

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2014 Summer Lecture Series

Summer Lecture
Series 2014

Wednesdays, July 9 - August 20, 2014
9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Spaulding Auditorium,
Hopkins Center for the Arts


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July 23: Lesley Hazleton
AND S. Ayse Kadayifci-Orellana

Muhammad: Myth and Reality

Lesley Hazleton - Psychologist, Reporter, Acclaimed Author, Muhammad Expert
How much of Muhammad is myth and how much truth? How did Islam’s prophet of unity leave behind a seemingly endless legacy of sectarian division? How did this seventh-century life become even more important in the twenty-first century? Lesley Hazleton, author of The First Muslim and After the Prophet, explores these and other questions - including the concept of jihad and the status of women - while providing fresh, challenging insights for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
Click here to listen to NHPR's July 22nd interview with Lesley Hazleton.

Building Peace By Resolving Conflict

S. Ayse Kadayifci-Orellana - Author, Teacher, and Lecturer on Conflict Resolution
Doctor Kadayifci-Orellana has found that religious confl icts involving Muslim societies can be effectively resolved using distinct peacebuilding approaches, and has demonstrated success on the ground in Pakistan, Palestine, Sudan, Darfur, Chad, Iran and beyond. Solutions are rooted in religious and cultural practices, but can they also work in the more diverse Middle Eastern community at large?

July 16: James Gelvin, "The Modern Middle East in Two Acts"

James Gelvin - UCLA Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History
UCLA Professor Gelvin has written extensively on the making of the Modern Middle East, and here focuses on two key events in its history. The first was the construction of actual states and the Middle East state system in the aftermath of World War I. The second was the transformation of the Arab world itself, from the period following World War II up to the Arab uprisings of 2010-2011.

Click on the video below to view a clip from Prof. Gelvin's lecture.

July 9: Robin Wright, "From Egypt to Iran: Arc of Thundering Change"

Robin Wright - Journalist, Correspondent, Author, Lecturer
Drawing on 40 years of covering Middle East wars, revolutions and political crises, Robin Wright explores trends that will reshape the world's most volatile region over the next decade. She'll put the headlines of events from North Africa to the Persian Gulf - pivotal turning points in the early 21st Century - into perspective and explain their impact on the wider world.

Click on the video below to view a clip from Ms. Wright's lecture.

Order DVDs From CATV

It's easy to obtain copies of the filmed sessions of our lecture series. CATV, based in White River Junction, films the majority of our lecture series, and sells copies via DVD through their main office. Visit their table just outside of Spaulding Auditorium on Wednesday mornings, or click here to view a copy of their order form. You must place your order through CATV; the OSHER@Dartmouth office does not handle DVD sales.

Parking Information

Our Summer Lecture Series takes place in Spaulding Auditorium, which is located at the rear of Hanover, NH's Hopkins Center. Attendees can access Spaulding from any Hopkins Center entrance, but the closest entrance is at the rear of the Hop, just off Lebanon St. There are many options for parking: Click here to view a map of SLS parking sites.

The Middle East: Cauldron of Crisis and Change

Summer Series 2014

It’s an area we all watch wonder and worry about, because there’s always a clash, often a crisis: tribe against tribe, country against country, religion against religion, my bomb vs. your bomb; governments destroy their own cities, drop barrel bombs on their own citizens. Peace talks never begin, or last one day and disintegrate the next.

These are conflicts that we romanticize and soften with labels like “Arab Spring,” “popular uprisings,” or “peace initiatives.”

Why? Is it all about dictators (as in Libya, or Egypt), all-important tribalism (as in Kenya or Nigeria), religion (Northern Ireland or Kashmir), or even water (as in both our future and theirs)? Or is it simply so many colliding factors that there seems to be no single reason or solution?

This series will not chase events that happen a week or month before we meet, nor will it compete with the daily electronic and local news coverage of these occurrences. Instead, our goal is to review history, explore backstories that give us some context to better understand those inevitable events that are guaranteed to occur over and over, again and again.

We will cover how these crises developed, and why they are important. We’ll remind ourselves of Colonial intruders who shaped the lines to their own advantage, and in doing so, misshaped the future forever; then we’ll follow “the first Muslim,” and many of his divisive-minded followers, as they created some of the deepest intra-faith hatreds today.

As well, we’ll track America’s actions in the area, fumbling as often as succeeding. But we’ll not ignore the two overriding considerations: ‘the bomb’ with its growing presence, and Israel itself, our strongest commitment, while at the same time, the most evident targets for some. Finally, we’ll analyze the “Arab Spring” and conclude with a thoughtful analysis of where we, and the Middle East, appear to be going in the immediate future.

Again this year, we’ve recruited the best of the best to share their insights, thoughts, and fears with us. For all who care for the world, its most dangerous region, and where it’s going, this series is a must.

- Bruce Macdonald, Chair, Summer Lecture Series

This Year's Speakers:

  • July 9: Robin Wright
  • July 15: James Gelvin
  • July 23: Lesley Hazleton and S. Ayse Kadayifci-Orellana
  • July 30: Michele Flournoy and Ronald Kiener
  • August 6: Ilan Troen
  • August 13: Charles Sennott
  • August 20: Nicholas Burns

Summer Lecture Series Calendars

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2014 Summer Lecture Series



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