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Spring Break Hours

Dartmouth Dining locations will be curtailing our hours between terms.  

You can find our spring break schedule here

Spring Term Dining Plans

Spring Term dining plans will begin when 1953 Commons reopens for dinner on Saturday, March 25th.  

If you would like to be on a different dining plan during spring term, please request the change online or in person at the Dartmouth Card Office before you leave for spring break.  Spring term dining plans changes must be requested before 4 PM on Wednesday, March 29th.  Any changes processed after the start of the dining plans may be prorated.

Fruit Carving Demo

Igor Konayev Carving DemoThank you to Courtyard Cafe supervisor and 2014 Winter Carnival Ice Carving champion Igor Konayev, who hosted a fruit carving demonstration and edible display.Igor Konayev Carving Demo


Take Less = Waste Less

Between 30 and 40% of all food in the United States ends up in landfills and composting bins each year. Help Dartmouth lead the way in reducing this statistic.  

The crew at 1953 Commons makes sure we compost 100% of what is not eaten, but there are still plenty of opportunities to waste less food.  The best way is to help is to make sure you are not taking more than you eat.  It's harder than it sounds, since there are so many different options and we fill our plates when we are at our hungriest. Make the sustainable choice and take less on your first trip.  You can always go back for more!  

We're Hungry for Feedback

Tell us about your dining experience at 1953 Commons or Courtyard Cafe and you could win $25 in DBA in our weekly drawing

Send us feedback by Text: 

  1. Text 55744
  2. type txt cyc for Courtyard Cafe feedback or txtfoco for 1953 Commons feedback
  3. We will respond publicly on the menu screens or directly 

Send us feedback online for Courtyard Cafe or 1953 Commons

You can also reach us through our online comment form or email us directly.


Dartmouth Dining Receives National Recognition

Dartmouth was recognized as offering one of the top on campus dining programs in the country by LendEDU in February.


Track your Dining Plan Spending Online


Have questions about when you used your meal swipe or how much DBA you have left?  Need to add money to your DA$H account to finish laundry?  Enroll in GET, a free service from the Dartmouth Card Office which enables you to track all of your ID Card accounts online and make deposits remotely.  It is also available as an iOS or Android app.



Last Updated: 3/22/17