The MRI scanner and suite is a valuable shared resource. In addition to making sure that all safety and operating policies and procedures are adhered to at all times, scanner operators will be expected to:

  • assure the projector is placed in standby mode when not in use
  • leave all peripheral equipment, including the biopac, response devices, control box, video and sound delivery systems in a neat and untangled manner, which will minimize the danger of equipment damage
  • ensure that no personal belongings are left in the scanner suite
  • restock the scrub drawers 
  • place all used linens in the designated laundry bin
  • make sure that all trash/recycling (including earplugs/earbuds, wrappers, used tape, etc.) have been disposed of in appropriate receptacles
  • wipe down all surfaces with frequent bodily contact (e.g. inside of the head coil, response pads, emergency squeeze ball) using the DBIC-provided Clorox wipes
  • return corrective lenses to their appropriate slots in the storage case, and wipe down frames with a Clorox wipe
  • log out of RedCap database when your lab is the last one scanning for the day
  • shut down the system when your lab is the last one scanning for the day