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McLaughlin- Living Learning Communities

McLaughlin Aerial

Buildings: Berry, Bildner, Rauner, Byrne II, Goldstein, and Thomas.

House Professor: Dennis Washburn, the Jane and Raphael Bernstein Professor in Asian Studies, will live on Clement Road and will lead the Living Learning Communities based in McLaughlin and work closely with the eight LLC Houses, such as the Chinese Language House, Sustainable Living Center, and LALACS House.  All students in the LLCs at McLaughlin and in the LLC Houses will have membership in one of the six Houses.


McLaughlin is a mixed-class community with upperclass students living primarily in two-room doubles, singles and suites and first-year students residing primarily in two-room doubles and singles.  Each floor has single-use bathrooms, a kitchen, lounges and living rooms, and study spaces. Gender Inclusive Housing is available throughout McLaughlin.  Goldstein Hall contains a student commons to serve the social needs of the cluster and the entire Dartmouth community, providing space for dinners, informal gatherings, dances, student performances, films, alumni events, and conferences.

  • Berry - 43 beds
  • Bildner - 61 beds
  • Rauner - 75 beds
  • Byrne II - 49 beds
  • Goldstein - 39 beds
  • Thomas - 75 beds

Last Updated: 3/29/16