PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLARS, 1991-2002 (Advisor William Summers)

Diana C, Rosof, '91, Music in Medieval British Benedictine Monasteries

Matthew T. Carlson, '96, Digital Image Database of Spanish music from Alta California

Kevin C. Findlan, 99, Music in the Roman Court of Queen Christina of Sweden

Carmen S. Flores, 00, The Filipino Sarswela during the Independence Period

Dinorah L. Calles, 01, Music in the cathedral of historic San Salvador

Robert E. Mirakian, 01, Beethoven's Symphonies Six and Seven, a bibliography

John F. Brandsema, 02, Psychoanalytic studies of L. van Beethoven

Jeffrey S. Hafner, 02, Lieder with chamber ensemble by L. van Beethoven

Rucia C, Pei, 02, Chamber music with piano by L. van Beethoven


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Master of Arts Thesis, 1994 & 1999 (Advisor William Summers)

Maricel Lucero, The voices of Spain : the Spanish folk song in the hands of twentieth century nationalist composers, 1994.

Judith Ann Chypre, Beethoven performances : assessment of the virtuoso sonata and audience response, 1999.

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