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Research Awards

Dartmouth researchers were awarded $6.9 million during October, including $4.6 million in new and competing awards. Among the recipients of recent new and competing grants, as reported by the Office of Sponsored Projects:

Baron, John—Medicine
University of Southern California
Consortium for Colorectal Cancer Family Registry
University of Chicago
Chemoprevention of Arsenic-Induced Skin Cancer

Becker, Deborah—Community & Family Medicine
Vermont Department of Health
Technical Assistance & Training for Vermont's Adult & Youth Mental Health Employment Programs

Bucci, David—Psychological and Brain Sciences
National Science Foundation
Contributions of Retrosplenial Cortex to the Medial Temporal Lobe Memory System

Buckey, Jay—Medicine
National Space Biomedical Research Institute
Countermeasures for Managing Interpersonal Conflicts in Space: A Continuation Study

Coffey, David—Medicine
National Institute on Aging
An instrument for the Longitudinal Monitoring of Changes in Balance and Gait Function
4-Month Award

Dragnev, Konstantin—Medicine
Genentech Inc.
Phase II Trial of Bevacizumab in Combination with Premetexed in Patients with Stable Brain Metastases from NSCLC
2-Year Award

Goodman, David—The Dartmouth Inst. for Health Policy & Clinical Practice, E. Berke—Community & Family Medicine
University of Wisconsin
Wisconsin Data Project
2-Month Award

Granger, Richard—Psychological and Brain Sciences
Portland State University
Machine Architecture for Nano-Scale Intelligent Systems

Haxby, James—Psychological and Brain Sciences
Princeton University
Conte Ctr Project 2: Decision Making and Control in Perception and Attention

Israel, Mark—Pediatrics
American Cancer Society
Institutional Research Grant
3-Year Award

Karagas, Margaret—Community & Family Medicine, L. Lewis—Medicine
University of Minnesota
Molecular Epidemiology of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

Karagas, Margaret—Community & Family Medicine
University of Texas, M D Anderson Cancer Center
Genome-Wide Association Analysis Of Bladder Cancer

Lacy, Brian—Medicine
Mayo Clinic
Antidepressant Therapy for Functional Dyspepsia

Llewellyn-Thomas, Hilary—The Dartmouth Inst. for Health Policy & Clinical Practice
Veterans Administration
Decision Aid in Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

McGovern, Mark—Psychiatry
New Futures
Adolescent Treatment Initiative

Moodie, Karen—Medicine
Tryton Medical Inc.
Prototype Bifurcation Stent Testing

Moore, Jason—Genetics
Harvard University
Networking Research Resources Across America
University of Tulsa
Machine Learning Analysis of Genetic Modulators of Vaccine Immune

Morden, Nancy—The Dartmouth Inst. for Health Policy & Clinical Practice
Veterans Administration
Cardiovascular Morbidity and Mortality Among Veterans with Schizophrenia

Mueser, Kim, M. Brunette, J. Gottlieb, A. Green, D. Lynde—Psychiatry
Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
Recovery After an Initial Schizophrenic Episode
2-Year Award

O'Connor, Gerald—Medicine, E. Nelson—Community & Family Medicine
University of Washington
ARRA: Building a Model for Process Improvement to Promote Clinical Research Efficiency
2-Year Award

Pipas, Marc—Medicine
Enzon Inc
A Phase II Study of EZN-2208 (PEG-SN38) Administered with or without Cetuximab in Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Carcinoma (mCRC)
5-Year Award
Genentech Inc.
A Pilot of Bevacizumab (Avastin) in Patients with Unresectable or Recurrent Hemangioblastoma from Von Hippel-Lindau Disease
3-Year Award

Pletneva, Ekaterina—Chemistry
American Chemical Society
Ligand Substitution and Conformational Control of a Metal-Site Redox Function
2-Year Award

Sporn, Michael—Pharmacology & Toxicology
National Foundation for Cancer Research
Prevention of Cancer with Anti-Inflammatory Agents
Johns Hopkins University
Novel Strategy to Mitigate and Treat Radiation Combined Infection Injury by Targeting Nrf2 Pathway

Staiger, Douglas—Economics
Harvard University
NCER-RDTeach Eff: Validating Measures of Effective math Teaching

Swartz, Harold—Radiology
University of Rochester
In Vivo EPR for After-the-Fact Measurement of Dose

Whitfield, Michael—Genetics
Boston University
Biomarkers of Disease Activity and Progression in Systemic Sclerosis

Wolfson, Paul—Tuck School
Michigan State University
What Does the Minimum Wage Do?
2-Year Award

Wright, Peter—Pediatrics
Haiti AIDS Research Training: Models to Implementation

Zegans, Michael—Surgery
University of California, San Francisco
Steroids in Corneal Ulcers Trial

Award commitment from the sponsoring agency is for a single year unless otherwise indicated


Last Updated: 1/14/10