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Transfer Students at Dartmouth

(2017/18 Academic Year)

Congratulations on your offer of admission to Dartmouth! You are part of a very select and talented group that will add much to the Dartmouth community. We hope you will choose to accept, and look forward to working with you to prepare for your arrival this fall.

Our exciting New Student Orientation program will give you the opportunity to dive in to all that Dartmouth has to offer both inside and outside the classroom - making connections with fellow transfers and other upperclass students, participating in Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC) trips and gearing up for your fall term courses.

Make sure you visit the Admissions website and check out their "frequently asked questions" for Transfer applicants.

As you consider whether to come to Dartmouth, one of your most important first steps is to read carefully the information from the Office of the Registrar about the transfer credit evaluation process. Depending on your course selection at your previous institution, it is possible that not all of the credits you have earned previously will be applied toward your Dartmouth course count and degree requirements.

  • The Office of the Registrar will be able to assist with transfer credit questions.
  • Please contact them at
  • Make sure you have gathered the necessary materials to allow for the transfer credit evaluation process.
  • You should immediately begin collecting syllabi of any courses you would like to be considered for transfer credit at Dartmouth.
    • Although the materials are not required until after mid-June, it may be easier for you to gather these materials before you leave your current university.
  • Submit a *final* official transcript to the Registrar’s Office from *all* previous institutions from which you seek to transfer credit.

The Office of the Registrar will contact you in mid-June with information about how to begin the evaluation process. Since they are currently focused on graduation for the Class of 2017, only after June 11, 2017 will they be available to provide you with individualized assistance with the transfer credit evaluation process. For more information, please access the Transfer Credit Evaluation page.

  • International students, please note: Upon acceptance of the offer of admission, all international students will be contacted by the Dartmouth College Office of Visa and Immigration Services with instructions to access the iDartmouth portal.  International students are asked to complete the iDartmouth e-form for new students so that appropriate visa forms may be issued to transfer existing I-20s to Dartmouth or change status as necessary.

When your credit review is complete, the Undergraduate Deans Office can help you develop your long-term academic program, consider course and major selections, and connect with student organizations and activities outside the classroom.

In the fall, you should expect to find an extraordinary group of people, rich in diversity of backgrounds, experiences, languages and perspectives.  Students from all classes will be enrolled, a full range of course offerings will be available, and opportunities to be challenged will be abundant.

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Last Updated: 5/4/17