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Incoming Students: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Class of 2021

Remember to check back often; we will continually update this page as new information becomes available, or as new questions arise.

Please contact the Undergraduate Deans Office if there is a question/answer we could add that you think would be helpful to new students and their families!

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Arrival, New Student Orientation, & Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC) "First-Year Trips"

Credit on Entrance and Exemptions

Academic Information, Resources, and Support

Arrival, New Student Orientation, & Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC) "First-Year Trips"

When do I need to arrive for New Student Orientation?

Please see the New Student Orientation website for information about arrival.

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Are there Orientation activities for parents, guardians, or families?

  • Dartmouth College partners with parents, guardians, and families to help students succeed.
  • Please see the New Student Orientation website for information about welcome events for parents, guardians, and families. Information will be updated during the summer, once the schedule is confirmed.

FYI: First-Year Family Weekend takes place during the Spring term. Please visit for more information. Please note: there is no official parent/family weekend in the Fall term. 

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What happens during New Student Orientation?

Please see the New Student Orientation web site for more information.

The first day of classes is Monday, September 11, 2017.

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When can I expect to hear more about DOC (Dartmouth Outing Club) "First-Year Trips"?

You will receive the "DOC First-Year Trips" mailing at the end of May.

You may email DOC Trips at with questions, or call 603-646-3996.

Visit their website for more information:

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What is the best way to get to Hanover by plane, bus, or train?

There are several different airport options:

Bus information:

  • The bus from Manchester, NH is Greyhound/Vermont Transit; it takes 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Dartmouth Coach offers bus service from Logan Airport and South Station in Boston; it takes about 3 hours to get to campus.
  • Both buses deliver students to a bus stop on campus.
  • For students coming from New England or New York, there is a Greyhound bus station in White River Junction, VT (10 minute drive from campus; taxi companies are listed below).
  • The Dartmouth Coach also offers luxury bus service to campus from New York City.
  • UVRide is a shuttle service that offers transportation both to and from Manchester and Logan Airport.

Train information:

  • Amtrak services White River Junction, VT. The train station is a 10 minute drive from campus; taxi companies are listed below.

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Transportation: Contact Information and link to directions

Directions to Dartmouth College

Note: this is simply a list of available services taken from the yellow pages; none of these services are endorsed by Dartmouth College.

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Credit on Entrance and Exemptions

Please see the Pre-Matriculation Credit pages on the Registrar's web site for information.

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Academic Information, Resources and Support

Are first-year students required to fulfill a Writing Requirement?

Yes! All first-year students are required to fulfill Dartmouth's first-year writing requirement. Through the first-year writing courses, the College offers entering students a valuable opportunity to develop the thinking, research, writing, and presentation abilities that characterize intellectual work in the academy and in educated public discourse.

Most first-year students take Writing 5 (or its two-term equivalent, Writing 2-3) and a First-Year Seminar to fulfill this writing requirement. Another way of fulfilling the first-year writing requirement is to take Humanities 1-2, an interdisciplinary two-term course for first-year students offered only in fall and winter terms.

You will receive more information regarding the first-year writing requirement in June. More information about the first-year writing requirement can also be found on the website of the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric:

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Is there an academic course that will help me learn about how to study effectively and how to make the most of my Dartmouth experience?

Learning at Dartmouth is specifically intended for first-year students. It is offered during the first seven weeks of Fall term. The sessions include study skills; stress management; time management; health and wellness; how to engage with faculty members; and an introduction to the Center for Professional Development, your undergraduate deans, and other important and useful resources. If you attend most of the sessions, you earn one Physical Education (PE) credit (you need three PE credits to graduate). You can enroll by going to the Academic Skills Center’s website after you have elected your Fall term courses.

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To whom should I speak about disabilities or accessibility resources?

Student Accessibility Services provides resources to students with disabilities. To learn more, visit their website at:, email, or call 603-646-9900.

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Will I have an academic advisor?

Yes. All students are assigned a Faculty Advisor. Your Faculty Advisor can help you pick your courses and navigate academic life at Dartmouth. In your second year, after you have decided on a major, advisors in your area of study will guide you through the rest of your Dartmouth career.

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When do I elect courses (select classes)?

First-year students elect fall term courses during New Student Orientation. 

  • You will be assigned a Faculty Advisor to help you make your course elections.
  • You will also attend a group advising workshop.
  • Your undergraduate dean is also available to support you in the process of course election, as well as department and program chairs, individual professors and upperclass student advisors.
  • Course elections are made online and you will have the chance to make changes during an add/drop period.
  • Fall term classes begin on Monday, September 11, 2017.

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When do I declare a major?

Students do not need to declare their major until the end of their fifth term on campus (typically the middle of sophomore year).

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Where can I learn the study skills that will help me do well academically at Dartmouth?

The Academic Skills Center (ASC) provides individual appointments, workshops, and mini courses every term. The ASC website has lots of study skills information, links, and videos:

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Are there tutors available?

The Tutor Clearinghouse (a service of the Academic Skills Center) provides peer individual tutors and study groups for many introductory courses in the sciences and social sciences. To learn more about other programmatic offerings, request a tutor, or join a study group, visit their website:

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Last Updated: 12/7/17