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Edgerton House Episcopal Campus Ministry

"The Edge is a ridiculous mix of laughter, silliness, kindness, welcome, wonder, warmth, and truly genuine people. Whether you come to sing, play, dance, eat, pray, discuss, adventure or just pop in to see what the ruckus is all about, you'll immediately meet the best friends of your life who can't wait to meet you." —Karen Orrick '11

“The highlight of my time here at Dartmouth has been, more than even the New Hampshire primary, the presence and community of the Edgerton House Episcopal Campus Ministry (the “Edge”).” —Nathan Empsall ‘09


We are a community of friends, seeking meaning and purpose in our lives and learning to follow in the Way of Jesus. Edgerton House, fondly known as the Edge, is our home, a safe and constant source of love, spiritual depth and inspiration in our often isolating and chaotic lives. Here we gather to break bread with one another, listen to stories, reflect on our lives, pray and seek to discover God's voice in all things.

We believe that growing in faith is a life-long struggle, and we value this safe space to be honest with our doubts and questions. We bring both our hearts and minds to grapple with the religious, moral, ethical and social issues of our time. We strive to be an open community, welcoming all people as Christ and inviting them to share their unique gifts and insights, that we might learn together.

Our faith sends us outward to cross the walls that divide people on campus and in our wider community, to listen and learn from those we serve. These experiences help us imagine possibilities for a world transformed and give us hope to live in expectation of the New Creation and to work for justice, freedom and peace. We look to the witness of faithful people in all times and places for guidance on our journey.

The Kelsey Community

The Kelsey Community is the newest addition to Edgerton House, an intentional residential community in which current Dartmouth undergraduates live, work and play together. Each term the residents construct a "Rule of Life" in which they affirm a shared commitment to participate together in worship, reflection and fellowship. Students agree to a covenant before taking up residence in which they commit to working to create community together. Any current Dartmouth student may apply to join The Kelsey Community, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Edgerton House is a student-led community, involving people from many different religious and non-religious backgrounds. Although the Edge is sponsored by the Episcopal church, being (or becoming) Episcopalian is definitely not required! Everyone is welcome.

The Edge is a ministry of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 9 W. Wheelock St., Hanover. Sunday worship at 8am (Rite I, no music) and 10am (Festival Eucharist, organ & choir). Students are invited to share in the life of the parish. Recently students have participated in youth ministries, choir, the vestry, outreach programs and a host of other activities.


Edgerton House Episcopal Campus Ministry, 14 School St., is open 24/7 for use by all Dartmouth students.

  • Mondays 9pm: Theology on Tap, an open forum for discussion of a wide variety of theological ideas. No prior knowledge of theology necessary. Canoe Club (27 S. Main Street)
  • Wednesdays noon: Holy Eucharist with homily and singing. Open to students and the public. Edgerton House Chapel
  • Wednesdays 6pm: Student Community Dinner, a home cooked meal and student fellowship with occasional guest speakers, sharing their personal journeys and addressing current religious, social, and moral issues. Edgerton House

Small groups meet weekly for reflection on the Bible, our lives, and spiritual practices, helping to connect Christian tradition to life on campus. Outreach opportunities, social events, ecumenical programs and retreats are scheduled each term.


The Edge is located at 14 School Street. Starting at Collis, walk west on Wheelock Street (toward the river) and take the first left onto School Street. We're on the left at the end of the second block, just before the parking garage. Look for a big brick and white house with a red door. It only takes a couple of minutes to walk here from the Green.

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