Program Resources

Dartmouth's Toxic Metals Superfund Research Program is supported by five resource cores. The Research Translation, Community Engagement, Training and Administrative Cores link to the research projects, the Trace Elements Core, and to each other. The Trace Elements Core provides assistance to the four research projects using a wide range of specialized techniques, allowing the program to benefit from the latest scientific technologies.

Research Translation Core

The Research Translation Core communicates the Programs' research results in user-friendly formats that will benefit federal and state agencies, non-profits and help grass-roots organizations make informed decisions on issues that affect the health of their communities.

Community Engagement Core

The Community Engagement Core ensures that the Program's research is meaningful to communities by creating opportunities for researchers to interact with communities, grass-roots organizations, and those impacted by hazardous waste. We aim to build trusted partnerships with diverse communities and community-serving organizations of Northern New England to enhance our mutual understanding of the human and environmental health risks posed by toxic metals.

Trace Element Analysis Core

The Trace Element Analysis Core provides extremely low-level detection of trace elements in environmental and biological samples. It plays an integral role in furthering collaboration between research projects, and works to develop new methods in trace element analysis.

Training Core

The Training Core supports undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral level interdisciplinary training in fields related to environmental health and environmental science and engineering. By enhancing cross-training of students in disciplines not traditionally connected, the core is able to enhance the interdisciplinary nature of the Program.

Administrative Core

The Administrative Core serves as the central organizing framework for the Program and provides fiscal and resource management.