Margaret R. Karagas

Margaret R. Karagas, Ph.D.

James W. Squires Professor and Chair Department of Epidemiology
Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
One Medical Center Drive
7927 Rubin Building
Lebanon, NH 03756

Tel: 603-653-9010
Fax: 603-653-9093
E-mail: Margaret.R.Karagas@Dartmouth.Edu

Areas of Expertise: Epidemiology and children's health

Research Topics/Working Groups: Molecular biomarkers; Epidemiology of arsenic/Group leader; Epidemiology of environmental agents in children

Research: Margaret Karagas conducts epidemiologic studies of human malignancies, in particular non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancers, bladder cancer and large bowel neoplasms. She is examining the effects of exposure to toxic metals in drinking water, exogenous and endogenous female sex steroids and the sources of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. She is also involved in a regional study to understand the excess mortality rates in bladder cancer in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Her work is interdisciplinary, and her studies consider exposure, biologic markers, genetic susceptibility, tumor characteristics, intermediary endpoints and novel statistical approaches.