Unamunda-Johnclease Doctrinymy

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English-Unamunda Dictionary

Proposterous plotzitions

Compounda fonda David Ives' carousal "Universal Language", en All in the Timing: Fourteen Plays,
Vintage Books; ISBN: 067975928X, 1995.



a a
absaloopdiloop not at all
al dente already
Alaska Unfortunately
alla all of
alla  all
amamor love
amorphous in love with
anda (di) hand
angst thanks
argo anyway
armoneea harmony
aspirin male
attackly exactly
babbly baby (?)
badaba understand
baloontiful beautiful
bamba thumb
barf will
barf will be
beau B
beesnest business
bell good
bella pretty
bin been
binformations (da) data
bleeny good
blintz bliss
blintzful blissful
blizzardo strange
bodami bothering me
boggle fasten
bonanza very
bop (da) book
cargo carry
chah (da) chair
cheer here
clara clear
co-inki-dance coincidence
con cavyar especially
corngranulations congratulations
cosmogrottifee-kotsee-ohneeya cosmic satisfaction
crayola believe you
da the
da it
da skool da fortnox very good
da-doll at all
da-wow big
dada the
dai your
dances tenses
day they
dee she
deedeena I didn't
deep-feecountries difficulties
Deep-feekal difficult
deepternity eternity
dentrical same
desperanto despair
det that
di the
di the
di of
diddle-eye did I
diddly little
ding yes
dinksdu think (you think)
dis this
divina divine
dolby there will be
Dollripe-chus all right
donutsayev don't say
doobly you (plural)
doopa don't
doppa have
doppa have
dot that
du you
du you
du  you
dusa you
echo repeat
eedgy easy
eedon left
egsovereedgy very easy
ein a
en in
en he
enda in the
enro up
entra among
Epp and
epsomlootly absolutely
estyuris it's yours
et cinema etcetera
evva ever
extahz ecstasy
feersta (di) first
feersten (di) first
feleetze-totsee-ohneeya happiness
felta felt
flan fun
flantastico fantastic
fonda from the
fordham for the
forest for
formeeka for me
forsoot forsooth (indeed)
forum form
free three
frill thrill
frontier from here
froyd fraud
froyling miss
furniture future
gabriel gave me
ged right
geld money
getmi get my
gland grand
gold good
gosh galosh
grift gift
gwan (da) proceed
handberger hand bag
harmonika melodious
hartz hearts
harvard how are
het that
hets this
heventh seventh
hoover (da) tongue
howardjohnson how do you say
iago I
ifarf* would be
importantay important
Indeedly-dee indeed
inspermation inspiration
iosadora () door
Ives-in icing
jamba leg
jambo-ree two-step (dance)
jar day
Joe DiMaggio That's too bad
Johnclease English
kaka-daymee school
kalamari calm (be calm)
kennedy can I
kick cake
klahtoo you are(?)
klink name
klip ad
konsentreeren concentrate
kooch kiss
kood could
krakajak great
la the
lassmi let me
lax relax
lick learn
linkage finger
linkwa (da) language
long wharf has been
looniversahl  universal
looniverse universe
lornly lonely
mangey many
mattress matter
melgibson I'll give
melodeea melody
mezza (la) mess
mi my
minksy mean
mit with
mock but
mock but
molto very
moooment just a minute
moozheek music
morgen morning
Natooraltissimississippimentay narturally
neekolas nothing
nevva never
nikto not at all
nintendo listen
niro (di) middle finger
nozzle (da) noze
off corset of course
okeefenoch-kee okey-dokey
onda on the
oon a
oonidevairsify unite
oop no
oopissima not at all
orf or
orgazmico orgasmic
osolomenito only, exclusively
oxipation occupation
oyster east
pago pay
palma palm
para-dons paradox
parfoom perfectly
parla speak
parladoop don't speak
parlit speak it
pasta past
payola money
peeper (da) newspaper
peepholes people
perzacto correct
platz (da) place
plop sit down
plotz plus
pogo bit
police please
polymorphous very much in love with
porky because
poultice poet
poultry poetry
pravdaz proof
prentice practice
prison present
problaymen problem
pudding pudding
quisling question
raddly ready
Ram room
raza clear
rekt right
rektplatz (da) right place
rest rest (remainder)
rhoomba (da) room
rok down
rrrong wrong
rrrongplatz (da) wrong place
scoop want
sensa feel
shantz lesson
shantz honey
shlong song
shmal small
shoddra shudder
shtick stick
sigismundo froyd big fraud
six iff
slacks sex
slaveyard savior
so so
socha such a
sordenly suddenly
spinachless speechless
squeegie excuse
supreemka supreem
surrealismo surely
ta to
tabooli (la) mind (your)
tellya tell you
testicle test
thirsty thirty
togandi together
Tonguestoppard stutter
tu to
udders others
valtz (da) walls
vanta want to
vanya warn you
varta wait
veazle (da) face
vee What
velcro welcome
velcro welcome
ventrica enter
verboblender word processor
verismo really
veroushka really
versimo TRUE
video see, saw
vinci finger (index)
vittamin female
voila-dimir here is
volvos (da) lips
vont twenty
voonda wonder
voooold world
vot what
Votsdiss what does this
wait eight
wharf was
wop we
Ya you(r), in n ""ya kooch di anda"
ya me
yu you
yu two
zamplification application
zitzbells (da) seatbelts
Zoopa great
Zoopa mit noodel great

blitz da compoundneur di hets sheet