How to use the modulos: Biografia Anticipación Descripción Lectura Redacción


A short introduction to each author is complemented by a map of the country and region s/he is from.

Description and Goals

This introductory section provides a brief biographical background sketch so that students will become familiar with personal characteristics and literary accomplishments of each author. Presented in simple Spanish, this introduction can become a means for cultural connections: What authors were writing in the U.S. at that time, and are there major currents in literature that can be compared/contrasted? There are hyperlinks to general and detailed maps of the author's country of origin, and photos of the towns/cities where the author lived and wrote. This information is provided so that students can have a concrete visual link to the different geographical and architectural realities of the Hispanic worlds.


Monday: This first paso can be assigned on the Friday preceding the week during which the text will be read. Suggested five- to ten-minute warm-up or wrap-up activities include: Students can access this section with the task of answering specific biographical and/or geographical questions prepared by the professor, or with the suggestion that they choose two or three aspects of the author's life and/or country that are of interest to them. The professor can then dedicate 10 minutes of class time to global questions answered by the class as a whole.

An alternative suggestion would be to form small groups that would be responsible for organizing specific information that could be put on the board, i.e.:

If the classroom were computerized, quick access to the map and photo sections would allow for quick descriptions produced by the students.

How to use the modulos: Biografia Anticipación Descripción Lectura Redacción