How to use the modulos: Biografia Anticipación Descripción Lectura Redacción


These pre-reading exercises focus on vocabulary and syntactic development and are directly related to each selected text.

Description and Goals

It is well documented in the professional literature that the difficulties experienced by students when they move from the oral to the literate are facilitated through pre-reading exercises which focus on text organization, thematic aspects, and vocabulary. This section of the webpage proposes to familiarize students with the text through a variety of pre-reading exercises that focus on projecting about the theme of the text, and building vocabulary and syntactic awareness. The vocabulary and syntax exercises are interactive and provide immediate feedback so that the learning process is self-corrective.


Tuesday: This second paso can be assigned Monday night for incorporation in class on Tuesday. A warm-up or wrap-up activity for Tuesday can be structured so that students will have to actively use the new vocabulary from the exercises. Suggested five- to ten-minute warm-up or wrap-up activities include: A simple exercise would be to write the new words on the board and have students mingle and ask each other questions that incorporate the vocabulary. Or, in pairs, students could write questions using three or four new words, and then mingle and ask and answer various other questions prepared by other pairs. An alternative would be to write questions that incorporate the new vocabulary on strips of paper (one per student in the class). Have students mingle and ask / answer the questions (encourage good use of eye-contact as opposed to simply reading the question). Then have students trade questions and change partners so that each student has the opportunity to practice as many new words as possible. Pictures from a picture file could also provide the opportunity for students to actively incorporate new vocabulary. Oral or written descriptions produced by the students, in the form of "captions" or "free association" sentences, which bring in the grammar the students are studying, provide another application of new vocabulary. For example, the vocabulary words can be written on the board, and after a couple of minutes students should produce sentences that are related to the pictures, in written and/or oral formats.

How to use the modulos: Biografia Anticipación Descripción Lectura Redacción