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This information is for current Dartmouth First Year Students only.

Non-students interested in membership should contact us directly.

Challenge Yourself!

The process to become a patroller with the Dartmouth Ski Patrol (DSP) is competitive and challenging. We select those applicants who are most likely to succeed both as patrollers and as contributors to the team. You don't need to be the best skier on the mountain. You don't need to have the longest resume. A strong desire to succeed, grace under pressure, communication and teamwork skills, and/or the ability to work with your hands are all equally important. If you can see yourself as a patroller, you should apply - we will train you!

Patrolling Will Change Your Life

In a typical year, 75 applications are received; 15 will ultimately become patrollers.

Membership Process

The membership process is as follows:

Fall Term

Winter Term Spring Term Sophomore Winter

Info Session

First-year students wishing to join the patrol must attend one of the Fall Info Sessions, which will be held Tuesday, September 18, 2018, and Thursday, September 20, 2018, at 7:00 PM in Silsby 028.

After the Info Session, prospective members will be directed to submit an application online during the subsequent 24 hour period.

Selected applicants will be chosen for individual interviews and initial testing.

Interview and Initial Testing

Interviews will include review of application, life experience, ski/snowboard experience and interests, interaction skills, and more. Recommended attire is "business casual". The applicant may be photographed. The interview panel will include at least two interviewers, at least one of whom is an upperclass student. Brief initial testing to determine a baseline of technical and physical ability will be conducted.

At each stage, results of interviews and testing are presented to the patrol director and Skiway Management for final approval.

Fall Classes

After the interview, applicants selected to continue in the process will prepare for a testing process which will combine knowledge, technical, and physical ability components.

An Outdoor Emergency Care certification class will be provided during the fall term to prepare the applicant. Class is held Tuesday and Thursday for 2 to 3 hours each class session with online preparation for each class.

Written and practical final examinations are administered by the National Ski Patrol. A high passing score is required to continue as a member of the DSP.

All applicants will also be required to obtain CPR certification at the American Heart Association (AHA) Healthcare Provider level. CPR class of approximately 4 hours will be provided.

Winter Testing

The applicant will have an opportunity to observe the patrol at the Skiway during the first weeks of the winter term, prior to proceeding in the testing process.

The applicant must have appropriate clothing and ski/snowboard equipment ready for inspection upon arrival at the Skiway.

Follow THIS LINK to the list of required equipment.

The testing process is designed to assess the applicant's ability to learn, retain, and perform skills, procedures, and physical tasks similar to those commonly required of a ski patroller. These tasks will require a level of physical fitness and strength. Test components may include:

Ski or snowboard skills will be assessed, weather and terrain permitting. The emphasis is on safe and courteous skiing and riding, stability and comfort. The following skills may be assessed.

The testing process will be held at the Skiway during early January.

Winter Term Shifts

Applicants selected to continue as Patrol Apprentices after the test will be required to attend two shifts per week at the Skiway during the winter. This is 10 hours or more per week. They will be trained in toboggan handling and ski area operations. Apprentices may be asked to respond to emergency scenes to assist qualified patrollers.

Sophomore Candidate Training and Vest Test

Members who have successfully completed all phases of training and the OEC course will return several days before their sophomore winter term begins, in late December, for several days of intensive all-day on-mountain training. Members are now considered "Candidates" for the title of Ski Patroller.

This training will assess their progress and prepare them for the "vest test" which will qualify them to be the first responder to an emergency call and to transport customers by toboggan. The vest test is administered in person by the patrol director, assistant director, or by other patrol alumni. The vest test requires the patroller to demonstrate the ability to respond alone and handle a typical injury scenario, and to demonstrate all knowledge and skills acquired over the past year.

Not The End

A member who successfully completes all of the above is considered a "vested" patroller and is fully qualified for duty at the Skiway. All members must attend annual refresher training to maintain their certifications. Continuing education and advanced levels of qualification are also available.

The End.