The Dartmouth Sings is Dartmouth College's premier pop and alternative a cappella group.

Since the group's founding nearly a decade ago, the Sings have prided themselves in their commitment to extending membership on the sole basis of vocal excellence and performance. Upholding this standard has continuously distinguished us as a remarkably diverse and undeniably talented organization on campus.

The members of the Sings perform all of their own arrangements and choreography, with an eclectic repertoire spanning the genres of contemporary pop, folk, R&B, musical theatre, alternative, and Dartmouth traditionals, among others. The group tours the nation annually, and has performed at various venues in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, New York, Chicago, and Boston.

While originally named after Stephen Colbert’s fictional Dartmouth a cappella group, The Sing Dynasty, the group abbreviated its name to The Sings in 2018. Later that year, the Sings released their second album, entitled “Convocation”, following the release of their first album, entitled “Ask Me About My Flannel”, in 2013.

Each fall, offers of membership are extended to selected students following a competitive audition process.

Sings News and Events

Winter Tour 2019

The Sings smile in delight during a wonderful performance at the Windsor Castle! This show marked a terrific experience in the Sings' first ever international tour. While touring London, the Sings also performed in venues such as the Great Osmond Street Hospital, the Dartmouth Club of London, and the Royal Free Hospital.

Once a Sing, Always a Sing!

2018 marked the 10 year anniversary of the birth of the group, and Sings from all around the world returned to the Northeast to share new memories and relive the old ones. Here stand nine years' worth of proud Sings presidents!

Summer Sings 18X

Every sophomore summer, the members of the Sings invite the campus to audition and participate in a relaxed a cappella experience called the Summer Sings. This summer, the Summer Sings traveled to Martha's Vineyard where they hung out, relaxed on the beach, and performed at the Federated Church in Edgartown with The Vineyard Sound.

We love our 23s!

The Sings welcomed four incredibly talented eaglets to the group in fall of 2019! From left to right: Ellie Hackett, Josh Freitag, Evan Yang, and Molly McQuoid.