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Employing Students Post-Graduation

Pending federal employment eligibility, a Dartmouth student employee may continue to work for Dartmouth College for one term following the completion of their coursework.

After the one term of employment (detailed dates are below), if a department has a business need to continue employment of this individual, the department must then hire the individual using the standard Dartmouth College process through DORR.

Employment termination date must be no later than the dates noted below.

  • Spring Term Graduates may work until September 30
  • Summer Term Graduates may work until December 31
  • Fall Term Graduates may work until March 31
  • Winter Term Graduates may work until June 30

This practice allows students who have graduated from Dartmouth College to continue working for one full term past graduation and facilitates e-mail continuation for those employed. This opportunity is not available to students who have withdrawn from the college. Contact your Finance Center or SEO for additional information.

Last Updated: 7/25/18