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Hiring Student Employees

Congratulations! You've selected the student(s) you wish to hire!  Follow the steps below to complete the process.

The Student Hiring Process

  1. If your position is for Federal Work-Study-eligible students only, contact either Financial Aid or SEO to verify the student's eligibility for this term. (You may wish to verify this status each term as it is possible for this to vary term-by-term.)
  2. Contact the student(s) and offer the student position in writing.  A sample letter and hiring agreement(MS Word, 38KB) are available for your use. You are encouraged to adapt these templates to fit your needs.
    • Note: Approved non-Dartmouth Work-Study employers may wish to use this sample letter and hiring agreement (MS Word, 44 KB) instead. It addresses the relationship of the agency as the supervisor, but Dartmouth College as the employer.
  3. Give the student a copy of the "Required Paperwork for New Student Employees" form. This outlines exactly what legal paperwork must be completed within 3 days of their start date. Students aged 17 or younger must also complete additional paperwork to legally work in New Hampshire.
  4. If your student employee will have access to private or confidential information, be sure they read, understand and sign a Confidentiality Agreement (pdf, 80KB). Keep this signed agreement in your personnel file.
  5. Contact all other applicants to let them know the position has been filled.
  6. Coordinate with your new employee what their eligibility is and set a start date.
  7. Record the student hire using the Hourly Student Hiring PA SmartForm. (If you do not already have access to hiring students using the PASF, follow the instructions below. Your Finance Center can assist you.)
    • Instructions on how to use the student hiring system are here (pdf, 1.2 MB). If this step is not completed correctly, the employee will not be able to access Kronos, nor will they be considered 'hired' by the institution.
  8. Verify that the student has completed their Required Paperwork for New Student Employees (I-9, W-4, Direct Deposit & Parental Permission Form if needed).
  9. Require that your student employee(s) watch the online Kronos Training video as part of their orientation to their new position. This instructional video and supporting technical documents are available online.
  10. Give your employee the student pay period schedule so they know which two weeks are paid together. Let them know that if they have not opted to participate in the Direct Deposit program, their paycheck will be sent to their Hinman mailbox.
  11. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that employee timecards are turned in on time so that employees are paid in a timely manner. 
  12. Enjoy the benefit of having an enthusiastic and productive employee! 

By following this process you will ensure that you have taken the proper steps to hiring a student employee and all is in check. This will also help avoid any future unnecessary complications.

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How to Request Access to the Hourly Student Hiring PA SmartForm (PASF):

If you do not already have access to hiring students using the PASF, you'll need to request access to the “Hourly Student Hiring Manager” responsibility in the PASF by completing the following documents, available at this link.:

  • Confidentiality Agreement  (online form to be completed)  and
  • Security Access Form (excel spreadsheet). 

Security Access Form Instructions:

  1. Complete the top section (details about the person who is requesting access).
  2. Scroll down to the "Payroll and Payroll Changes" section. 
    • Answer "yes" to the question "Does this person need access to the PA (Payroll Authorization) Smart Form (PASF)?" and
    • Select “Hourly Student Hiring Manager” to answer the question "What type of PASF access is needed?".
    • Input the name of your Department to answer the question "For what HRMS ORG level" on the next line.
  3. The form is now complete.Please complete this form in Excel and forward the Excel file for approval to your fiscal officer through email or OnBase.  Email and OnBase approvals are accepted; a physical signature, paper form or PDF of this form is not required.

Last Updated: 7/25/18