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Creating Student Positions

The first step to employing a student worker is defining the job the student will be expected to do. For example, does the student need general or specific skills to perform the tasks of the job? What tasks need to be done? Who in the office will be the student's direct supervisor? What will you pay the student employee? The Student Employment Office (SEO) is available to help you answer these questions as you decide how you will structure your student position.

Jobnet: What is it?

Jobnet is the web-based database used by the Student Employment Office (SEO) to maintain a complete listing of student jobs that are paid by Dartmouth College (including campus departments, select research opportunities at DHMC, and contracted local non-profit organizations).

The Jobnet Form

A Jobnet Form must be completed by the employer for every Dartmouth College-paid student position. This job description form defines your job posting for advertisement and should become part of your own student training manual, as well as a tool of measure for student evaluations if conducted.

Please see below for assistance in completing this form:

  • SEO Jobnet Number: Please leave blank if this is a new position. SEO will assign a Jobnet number for you. When revising a current job please indicate the Jobnet number already assigned that you wish to revise.

  • Employer/Agency: Please enter your department.

  • Job Title: Please enter a title for the position.

  • Hours per week: An estimate is appropriate here.

  • How to Apply: Please mark any or all applicable methods.

  • Where is the position located: Please mark as appropriate.

  • How does a student's work-study eligibility affect your posting: Dartmouth College departments should mark "any eligible student". Off-campus employers and departments in Tuck, Thayer or Geisel may check "work-study only" if appropriate. Remember that this will significantly limit your candidate pool.

  • Period of Employment: Please indicate all terms for which you need a student employee to conduct this work. "Interim" is the time between terms when classes are not in session.

  • Rate of Pay: Please indicate a rate or range of pay. In general, student positions should be paid hourly. For guidance on appropriate rate of pay for work performed as well as recommendations for increases, please see Setting a Student Wage.

  • Contact Name, Title, Telephone, Email & HB: The person who the student and/or SEO will contact for information regarding this position.

  • Supervisor Name: The person to whom the employee will report.

  • Office location, city, state, zip: Physical address of the office to which the employee will report for work.

  • Job Purpose within organization: 1-2 sentences regarding why the position exists (examples given on form)

  • Job Descriptions and Requirements: Please keep this brief, yet informative. Carefully examine and list the essential functions of that an employee must be able to perform, with or without reasonable accommodation. Your judgment as to which functions are essential, and a written job description prepared before advertising or interviewing for a job will be considered by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) as evidence of essential functions for any possible complaints by an employee covered by the Federal American with Disabilities Act.

  • Position Classification: Choose only one. Prospective employees may sort job listings according to these categories when searching for a job.

  • Comments: Please share any other pertinent information you wish your applicants to know.

Last Updated: 7/25/18