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In the Event of a Fire:

Pull Down the Fire Alarm and/or Call 911


If you see smoke or flames:

Use CARE: Contain, Activate, Report, Evacuate

  • Contain the fire by closing all doors as you leave
  • Activate the nearest Fire Alarm pull station (Pull stations are located near all building exits)
  • Report the fire by dialing 911
  • Evacuate or extinguish (In most cases, it is best to Evacuate)


Use a Fire Extinguisher only when:

  • You have been trained
  • You have your back to an unobstructed exit
  • You have a fully charged and proper type unit for the fire you are fighting
  • The fire is contained, and you have reported the fire by Fire Alarm or 911 activation
  • Everyone else has left the area
  • There is little smoke or flames


Never fight a fire if:

  • You lack a safe way to escape should your efforts fail
  • It has left its source of origin
  • You are unsure of the type of extinguisher you need or have
  • If you can’t control the fire within 30 seconds, abandon your efforts, close the door(s) and evacuate immediately.



  • Upon alarm activation, leave the building immediately!
  • Do not "investigate" the source of the alarm, just leave!
  • On your way out close all doors behind you to contain the fire
  • Walk, do not run, to the nearest exit
  • Never use an elevator to exit a building during a fire alarm
  • Do not re-enter the building for any reason until told it is safe to do so


Remember: “Safety and Security” is also YOUR responsibility.

Last Updated: 7/25/18