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Bomb Threats

If you receive a bomb threat, remain calm and:

1) Obtain as much information as possible:

  • Write down the number from where the call is coming
  • Write down the exact time of the call
  • Write down as accurately as possible the statements made
  • Listen to the voice to determine the sex, age, accents, lisps, tone, etc. (Note any distinguishing feature)
  • Listen for background noises
  • Try to signal a for someone else to also listen on the telephone line, if possible
  • Do not hang up and stay on the line a long as possible; wait for the caller to hang up

2) Keep the bomb threat caller talking, and ask as many questions of the caller as you can:

  • When will the bomb go off? How much time remains?
  • Where is the bomb located?
  • What does it look like?
  • What kind of bomb is it?
  • How do you know about this bomb?
  • Why was it placed here?
  • Who are you?
  • What is your name?

3) Call 911 immediately and then
    the Department of Safety and Security at 603-646-333 (6-3333 from Campus phones)

4) Complete a Bomb Threat Checklist form and have it ready, along with your notes from the call, for responding Officers. It is recommended to have a Bomb Threat Checklist form handy, and follow it while receiving the threat


Last Updated: 7/25/18