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Dartmouth Environmental Groups

Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO): The goal of ECO is to turn Dartmouth into the first 100% environmentally sustainable community. We aim to do this through a network of ECO Recycling Reps in dorms and CFS and affinity houses, through a number of student ECO interns who work in various departments, and through hundreds of different projects and great ideas. With your help, we'll make it.

The Dartmouth Organic Farm: Run through the Outdoor Programs Office, the farm is located about 3 miles north of the campus. It has 2 acres of production, including 25 different flowers, herbs and vegetables, all of which are "certified organic" in their growing and harvesting. The farm is designed to help people who have no previous experience participate and learn. "Our crop is our students, not produce."--Scott Stokoe, farm manager

Dartmouth Organization for Global Awareness (DOGA): DOGA is a small group of students who believe strongly in the power of personal change and each individual's ability to engage the world in a creative manner. We were founded on the belief that nothing in this world is separate from us or our lives, and that we can do our best, with the support of friends, to live a lifestyle in accordance. DOGA's current focus is to promote the investing of Dartmouth's endowment fund in a socially responsible manner.

The Resource Working Group (RWG): The RWG consists primarily of a number of mid-level administrators who identify possible improvements to operating policies and/or practices at Dartmouth related to energy conservation and the environment. They work closely with appropriate people on campus to devise strategies for implementation of these adjustments.

Environmental Studies Program (ENVS): Dartmouth's interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Program is among the oldest in the country, founded in 1970 in response to a wave of environmental activism. The principal mission of the Environmental Studies Program is to investigate and teach about natural and social systems and provide students with the opportunity to assess the complexity of environmental problems and understand how to search for solutions to these problems. Be sure to check out the ENVS courses and stop by 113 Steele, in the Fairchild Science Center to say Hi!

Dartmouth Environmental Network (DEN): Founded in 1989, the Dartmouth Environmental Network (DEN) serves as a professional networking organization for nearly 500 alumni and alumnae with environmental interests. Over the last few years, DEN has broadened its focus by hosting more on-campus seminars and career panels, and by maintaining contact with the College on issues related to sustainability. For membership info, contact

Upper Valley Sierra Club: We are the local arm of the nation's oldest and largest grassroots conservation group. Run by and for volunteers, the Sierra Club's members and leaders use grassroots conservation skills to explore, enjoy, and protect our Earth. To get involved and have fun with us, blitz or call 802-384-6847.

Environmental Health And Safety: The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) provides advice and guidance to the Dartmouth Community on occupational and environmental health and safety issues. EHS manages the College's Hazardous Waste Management, Minimization and Disposal Program.

Dartmouth Sustainability Initiative: The initiative provides information, resources and communications to the Dartmouth community aimed at reducing our environmental impact and advancing the triple bottom line of economic, social and ecological sustainability.

For more information on student environmental groups go to Dartmouth Sustainability Initiatives

Last Updated: 1/23/09