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The Resource Working Group (RWG) seeks to identify adjustments to operating policies and/or practices at Dartmouth that will help the College become a sustainable and environmentally-responsible institution.  The group is comprised primarily of planners and managers of our facilities, and directors of programs that are major users of resources such as paper, food, and energy.  The RWG also identifies issues that Dartmouth needs to study with regard to resource consumption, operations, and environmental education and training.  Periodically the group consults with others on campus who have an interest in or expertise related to its concerns.

The RWG meets monthly and is co-chaired by Kathy Lambert, Sustainability Manager and Steve Shadford, Energy Engineer.

The RWG has worked with the Environmental Conservation Organization and the Office of Residential Life to create a Model Residence Hall Room (Powerpoint download requiring a fast connection) that demonstrates environmentally-friendly lifestyles and appliances. We encourage students to consult Energy Star's Back-To-School Shopping List (PDF download) when making purchases.

The RWG has prepared an Environmentally Friendly Office (Powerpoint download requiring a fast connection) presentation that highlights the things we can do at work to help save and enhance our environment.  This presentation has been given college-wide to administrative assistants.  Divisions such as the Dean of the College and Norris Cotton Cancer Center have used the presentation as a means of focusing attention on environmental issues.  (Contact John Gratiot to arrange such a presentation for your area.)

Last Updated: 1/23/09