Sample and Experimental Parallel Stereographs

Images by R.B. Ulrich and Emily Ulrich
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Images shown are parallel views (left = left eye, right = right eye). The nine sample sets below were made using a single camera with a slidebar or paired cameras as noted. The full-sized views are 1440 pixels wide by 540 high.

Germany 2007
(Slidebar) by Emily Ulrich
Macro focus
(L), (C)by Roger Ulrich
(R) by Emily Ulrich
Autumn 2007
R. B. Ulrich

These paired stereographs were taken to explore a variety of techniques using digital cameras for stereoscopic views. The top two rows were taken with a single camera mounted on a tripod and using a slidebar (the horizontal shift of the camera between the two exposures was 1/30th of the distance between lens and subject). When a single camera is used, the subjects must remain motionless between shots. The three images of the bottom row were taken with paired Sony DSC-V1 cameras and a Lanc Shepherd controller. With the cameras synchronized it is possible to include moving elements (such as the juggled balls caught in midair) in the picture.

For information on how to view the images see my introductory page to stereoscopic photography.