Professors Stewart and Ulrich • Classics Department • Dartmouth College
Headquarters in Rome: Dartmouth College Rome Center (contact the Rome Center)


First Stay in Rome

Day 1: First meeting in Rome
Day 2: Introduction to Roman topography/ walking tour of the historic center
DAY 3: Museo Nazionale (Terme Museum): Iron Age Italy. p.m.: Crypta Balbi
DAY 4: The Archaic Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill
DAY 5: National Museum of the Villa Giulia; Greek Vase Painting, Iron Age, and Etruscan Art
DAY 7: FREE, with optional field trip to the Aqueduct Park in the p.m.

First Field Trip to Tuscany

DAY 8: First Field Trip: Depart Rome: Veii, Sutri, Falerii to Orvieto
DAY 9: All day in Orvieto
DAY 10: Orvieto -- Chiusi -- to Arezzo
DAY 11: Arezzo to Volterra (night in Volterra)
DAY 12: Volterra – Populonia – Vulci - Castiglione della Pescara
DAY 13: morning at Cosa, then on to Tarquinia
DAY 14: Tarquinia – S. Giuliano -- Tarquinia
DAY 15: Tarquinia – Cerveteri – Rome

Second Stay in Rome

DAY 17: Capitoline Museums/ Jupiter Optimus Maximus/ Tabularium
DAY 18: Forum Boarium/Holitorium/ bridges
Pompey’s Theater visit in the morning; Largo Argentina/"Area Sacra"; Portunus and Hercules Victor. Largo Argentina practicum
DAY 20: Day trip to Palestrina (optional hike to the acropolis of the old town)
DAY 21: Papers due 6 p.m.
DAY 23: Morning free; walking visit in the afternoon from Stazione Termini of Servian Wall circuit, Minerva Medica, and the Porta Maggiore.
DAY 24: Forum Iulium; pm: Augustus’ view of history: Forum of Augustus
DAY 25: Imperialized space: the Roman forum, including Deified Julius, Fasti, Curia Julia, basilica Aemilia, Basilica Julia; Domus Augusti
DAY 26: Augustus and the Campus Martius. am: Ara Pacis, Mausoleum. pm: Theater of Marcellus, Bellona, Sosianus, Porticus Octavia
DAY 27: Montemartini; afternoon free
DAY 28: Palazzo Massimo and the Terme Museum (epigraphy)
10/12 DAY 29: FREE

Second Field Trip to the Bay of Naples and Izmir, Turkey

DAY 30: Rome-Alatri-Ferentino-Terracina
DAY 31: Terracina-Sperlonga-Baia-Pompeii
DAY 32: Pompeii-Paestum-Pompeii
DAY 33: Pompeii: Houses
DAY 34: Naples: National Archaeological Museum
DAY 35: Pompeii
DAY 36: Pompeii
DAY 37: Free Day Capri or visit to the summit of Vesuvius
DAY 38: Depart by air for Izmir
DAY 39: Pergamon
DAY 40: Ephesus
DAY 41: Ephesus-Didyma-Miletus
DAY 42: Aphrodisias and environs
DAY 43: Aphrodisias and environs
10/27 DAY 44: Return to Rome from Turkey

Third Stay in Rome

DAY 45: FREE (research for oral reports)
DAY 46: Vatican Museums, P.M. free for oral report research
DAY 47: Forum Transitorium, visit to Trajan’s Markets. Column of Trajan and Column of Marcus Aurelius
DAY 48: Baths of Trajan, Baths of Caracalla
DAY 50: morning FREE; afternoon: Column of Marcus Aurelius, Pantheon, Stadium of Domitian, and the Mausoleum of Hadrian
DAY 51: Ostia
Day 52: Ostia antica part II
DAY 53: Roman Forum visit: Triumphal Arches of Titus and Septimius Severus, Flavian Palace, Basilica of Maxentius
DAY 54: Via Appia Antica: Villa of Maxentius, Mausoleum of Caecilia Metella ; Catacombs
DAY 55: Santa Sabina, San Paolo fuori le mura, Arch of Constantine; afternoon: S. Maria degli Angeli, S. Maria Maggiore, S. Costanza
DAY 57: Lecture on Early Christianity in Northern Italy

Third Field Trip to Northern Italy

DAY 58: Hadrian’s Villa, Tivoli, to Perugia (stay in Assisi for the night)
DAY 59: Perugia (night in Assisi)
DAY 60: Rimini - Ravenna
DAY 61: Ravenna
DAY 62: Ravenna
DAY 63: Ravenna to Florence
DAY 64: Florence: morning archaeological museum; afternoon: Early Renaissance architecture
DAY 65: Florence to Rome

Fourth Stay in Rome

DAY 66: free day in Rome; papers due in evening
DAY 67: free day in Rome
DAY 68: meetings with individual students in the afternoon; final banquet
DAY 69: Students are free to leave Rome