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Waivers, Releases, and Indemnification

Waivers, releases and indemnification clauses are used to reduce risk exposures and claims against Dartmouth College. 


A waiver is the voluntary relinquishment of a known right and is executed prior to an activity. Waivers are requested of participants in voluntary activities that involve physical activity/sports, exposure to the elements, lab exposures, etc. Waivers are to be signed by participants and returned to the sponsors of an activity. Common waivers used by Dartmouth include the following:

Please contact our office for other waivers or questions related to waivers. 


Typically, a Release is executed upon settlement of a claim. As such, it is tailored by the Office of the General Counsel or Risk and Internal Controls Services for the specific claim.


Indemnification is a provision in an agreement/contract in which one party to the agreement agrees to reimburse the other party for damages associated with the first party‚Äôs negligent act that results in liability. NOTE: It is important to ensure that an indemnifying party has the financial resources to fulfill any indemnification obligation, and that is most often done through insurance.


Last Updated: 2/6/17