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Professional Liability and Medical Malpractice Insurance

Dartmouth's professionals such as attorneys, project managers, doctors, and others providing professional services are insured for "wrongful acts" through Dartmouth's General Liability/Professional Liability policy.

Professional Services are defined by the policy as:  Acts that may be legally performed only by a person holding a professional license, regardless of whether the person is licensed or not; or any services for which an individual insured is compensated by any other party that an included entity (Dartmouth College or any division thereof).

Wrongful Acts are defined by the policy as:  Any actual or alleged error, omission, act, misstatement, neglect or breach of duty in the discharge of duties on or behalf of an included entity.  The following are examples of Wrongful Acts covered by the policy:

  • Unlawful discrimination or violation of civil rights; sexual harassment; wrongful termination of employment
  • Failure to hire or promote, denial or removal of tenure; constructive discharge; breach of an employment contract
  • Failure to grant due process; educational malpractice or failure to educate; negligent instruction, failure to supervise, inadequate or negligent academic guidance or counseling; improper or inappropriate academic placement or discipline
  • Invasion of privacy or humiliation
  • Infringement of copyright, trademark or patent
  • Plagiarism or idea misappropriation

Medical Malpractice insurance for clinical services only performed by any of Dartmouth College medical professionals are covered through participation in a medical malpractice/professional liability policy shared with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Other medical malpractice exposures involving Dartmouth's medical professionals are insured through Dartmouth College's general/professional liability policy.

Professional Services and Medical Malpractice risk can be complicated.  For further information and details, please contact the Office of Risk and Internal Controls Services at 603.646.2442. 


Last Updated: 12/18/13