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Equipment Insurance

The equipment coverage provides for loss or damage caused by any peril not otherwise insured, including theft, but not general wear-and-tear and gradual deterioration. The College's blanket all-risk property insurance provides coverage for all College-owned or leased items, with a replacement value in excess of $1,000, such as:
  • Cameras/videos
  • Radios/transmitters
  • Musical instruments
  • Scientific equipment
  • Computer equipment (other than mission critical)
  • Laptop computers
  • Boats

Unless other equipment is lost as part of a larger occurrence of property damage, certified losses and the replacement or repair for losses in excess of $1,000 is funded from a property loss reserve managed by the Office of Risk and Internal Controls. The department submitting the claim is responsible for the first $1,000 of each occurrence. Claims must be certified by either Safety & Security or FO&M as an incidence of theft, accident or other property damage. Claims occurring off-site must be certified by the appropriate local authorities. Computer software is not covered under this policy.

All departmental equipment should be carefully secured when not in use. Computer equipment hardware and accessories must also be equipped with approved safety kits or otherwise secured against theft.

To report a loss, please contact The Office of Risk and Internal Controls Services at (603) 646-3839.

Equipment and Temporary Insurance

Temporary insurance is available for College-owned equipment which is to be used away from the campus for a period of time. A description of the equipment, serial number, location, and the person responsible, need to be submitted in writing to the Office of Risk and Internal Controls Services prior to the property leaving campus.

If a department needs to ship College-owned equipment to another location through a common carrier, it is highly recommended that the department purchase the common carrier's insurance to cover the transport.

Last Updated: 11/1/12