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Internal Audit

What's New in Audit?

Risk and Internal Controls Services (RICS) uses the Qualtrics web-based data collection tool to create and distribute surveys to stakeholders throughout the Dartmouth community, including students, faculty, and staff. Qualtrics allows RICS to collect data securely from individuals across campus and is capable of collecting information anonymously. Qualtrics is particularly useful for surveying large populations of college stakeholders to more effectively concentrate RICS resources where they are needed most. For example, Qualtrics has the potential to allow RICS to assess the information security aptitude of users from across the college to identify areas for improvement.

With Qualtrics, RICS can gather both quantitative and qualitative data and export that information to powerful data analysis software tools like ACL Analytics. Access to data from large populations increases RICS ability evaluate and respond to the various risks faced by the College.

Internal Controls Services (ICS) provides the following services:

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Last Updated: 7/25/18