"Alex works with things you can't see at temperatures that don't exist"  
- Anne Day (Alex's better half)

The Rimberg Group performs electrical transport measurements to study the properties of nanostructures including quantum dots and tunnel junctions using radio-frequency single electron transistors as a probe. We have two goals: first to understand the fundamental physics of such small structures; and second to use them to produce devices with novel transport properties and potential applications. We use electron beam lithography to fabricate our devices, and then use custom electronics and specialized low-noise and microwave measurement techniques to make our precision measurements. We are particularly interested in the dynamics of individual electrons, and in real-time observation of quantum phenomena.

Right: A radio-frequency single-electron transistor (RF-SET) coupled to a quantum dot in a GaAs heterostructure. The RF-SET can be used to monitor the motion of individual electrons on and of the dot in a time as short as one microsecond.