Below is some of the software I been involved in developing over the years.  Many of these programs I use frequently in my courses and research.  Recently I moved most of these programs to a new site, linked below.  They are still free!

HydroTools- An Excel add-in that adds many useful functions for field hydrology.

ChangeUnits - An online tool and free Excel add-in that greatly simplifies units conversion.  Unlike most unit conversion tools, ChangeUnits allows you to convert multiple units in a single step.  So, for example, only one step is required to convert acre-ft/yr to m^3/s.

• DimensionEngine - A free online calculator with automatic units conversion.  Enter your values in whatever units you have.  The calculator automatically converts them and checks for consistency.

GeogTools- An Excel add-in that adds  useful functions  for converting between geographic coordinates, particularly (latitude, longitude) and UTM.

GWTools-  An Excel add-in that specialized functions commonly used in hydrogeology.

• Eruption!- A web-based role playing exercise requiring you to manage a volcanic crisis.  The exercise is highlights the tools and techniques used in eruption prediction ands seeks to improve decision making skill.