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Expanded Course Numbering System

(used for special topics courses and certain other courses related to each other)

Goal – Each topic has a unique number, title, and description at the Catalog level, so that a distinct record is created, allowing it to have all the attributes and capabilities of a "course." While all special topics courses will use the expanded numbering system, not all courses with expanded numbers are special topics courses.

System – Each topic has a two-digit "root" number followed by a "point," then a two-digit extension following the point. For example, 40.01, 40.02, 40.03, where "40" is the root course, and "01," "02," and "03" are extensions. The root, point, and extension form a single, unique, course number. Every time the topic is offered the same number is used (it does not vary term to term), and it is listed in the ORC and Timetable of Courses with that number.


  • Expansion of numbering system – some departments and programs have found the two-digit numbering system too restrictive and this provides additional opportunity. It easily allows for course groupings. Numbers can go as high as xx.99.
  • Reporting – course assessment, enrollments, and other types of reports can be more easily tracked over time.
  • Curriculum – it is possible to cross-list individual special topics with specific distribution and/or world culture attributes with courses from other departments/programs.
  • Display – the description for each topic may now be captured and recorded, allowing it to be displayed in the ORC/Catalog, on department/program websites, in DartWorks, Canvas, and other sites.

Last Updated: 12/21/16