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Office of the Registrar

Dartmouth College
Office of the Registrar
6014 McNutt Hall
Hanover, NH 03755-3541

Phone: (603) 646-2246
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Email: registrar@Dartmouth.EDU

Editing Courses

Step 1: To edit a course section, click the Edit Course icon

edit button


STEP 2: Required Course Information

This tab is where you set the meeting time and confirm various setup options (IP, NRO changes, Credit/No Credit), enrollment limits, and priorities. All data marked by BOLD type and an asterisk is required – you may not save a course without first entering that information. All required information is on this tab.

Once a course has data in the Editor for a term, the enrollment and priorities information on this tab will roll over into new terms. 

required course information tab

NOTE: The priorities selection tool will appear once you uncheck the No Enrollment Limit box. As you begin to select your course's priorities, more rows will appear. Selecting RANDOM will end a set of priorities. You can change priorities by simply selecting a different category, and erase one by selecting the blank row in the dropdown. You only need to enter as many priorities as your course requires – the Editor provides space for up to 13 selections (including Random).


Step 3: Median Grade Information

Use this tab to select any custom median grade pooling requirements your course(s) may have.  NOTE: All cross-listed courses are automatically pooled; ECON courses are pooled by course and instructor; MATH courses are pooled by course number. This tab is optional – please make a selection here ONLY if your Department/Program requires a specific median grade pooling (for example, PHYS 14 sections 1 and 2).

Median Grade Tab


Step 4: Room/Scheduling

Please select an X-hour Usage option (this helps in the scheduling process) and specify the Audio/Visual Equipment details for the course (further questions appear if you indicate that A/V Equipment will be required). Classroom Requirements should contain information detailing what else is necessary to teach the course, while Classroom Preferences should indicate secondary considerations for room scheduling. Finally, you may enter two room request options.

Once a course has data in the Editor for a term, the data in this tab will roll over into new terms. 

Room Scheduling Tab

 The following questions will appear if you click the radio button that indicates a course will use A/V equipment:

AV Detail


Step 5: Course Attributes/Cross-List tab

Review the distributive/world culture assignments for the course, as well as the cross-listing information if there is any. No edits are possible here for cross-listed courses – those are made at each individual section level.


course attribute tab


Step 6: Objectives/Textbook

Enter the course's Federally-required textbook information as well as the course's Learning Objectives, which are optional.

Textbook and Learning Objectives

NOTE: Once Canvas is fully operational, there will also be a portion of this tab that allows you to submit Canvas setup requirements to Information Technology Services.


Step 7: Notes/Other

This is a free-form data entry area that can be used for anything – update notes between a Department/Program administrator and a Chair; change notations for courses; or anything else that may be of use to record within your Department/Program.

notes tab


Step 8: Click SAVE

save timetable

Click SAVE after entering the required information. If you need to make further edits, return to the Required Course Information tab. The data for a term remains open until noon on the day prior to publication. At that point, the Registrar's Office approves and publishes all courses. Published courses are locked for editing. Once your courses are in Banner, the Registrar's Office publishes the Public Timetable.

Terms will be open for editing generally a year in advance. This allows you the flexibility to enter and update your courses each term. Additionally, The Registrar's Office sends deadline communications prior to each Timetable publication date. Only slight modifications to the published Timetable may be made after the publication date. Submit your request to the Registrar's Office as described in the Chair's Handbook.

Last Updated: 3/11/16