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Faculty Reference Guides for Major/Minor Declaration and Plan Submission

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Approving/denying a major or minor plan

Please follow these simple steps to log into DegreeWorks, locate the record of the student, review his or her plan, and approve or deny it.

DegreeWorks is the only tool you will require to approve or deny a plan.

Log into DegreeWorks by going to your Faculty and Advisor Menu and selecting DegreeWorks (Degree Audit and Program Planner)

Click on the "find" button in the top left corner of the page (and not on the one in the page center)

find a

 find student

Enter the student's ID if you know it; if not, enter the students name and click "search" in bottom left.  If there is more than one student with that name, you can check or uncheck names to identify the student you want. Case does not matter and you can search on just the first or last name. Then click ok.

The students Degree Audit will now display, showing the student's progress towards the degree, and which distributive and world culture requirements the student has completed and has remaining.  See the DegreeWorks Guide for more information on the degree audit.



At the top left, next to the "worksheet" tab is a "planner" tab.  Select this tab and the student's program planner will display. 

This looks similar to the current major card.  The student has completed this and submitted it for approval. 

It is now locked and the student cannot change it.

A student may have more than one plan and you are able to view all plans that the student has submitted.  For example a student may have more than one major and minor, or a student may subsequently submit an updated plan.  You can select the plan you wish to view and approve from here.  If the plan has not yet been approved, it will say "inactive plan."

Scroll down below the grid, and you will see where the student has entered the major/minor type, if applicable, and prerequisites and culminating experience information.

Only courses that are in Banner may be entered into the planner, and they must lead with a zero.  However a student may enter an anticipated course, or perhaps a course earned through transfer by entering a dash in front of the course.  It does not check against term offered.
Select "view" and then click "load" to initiate the approval process.  Each time you switch between plans and views, remember to hit "load."  Note that at this point, because the plan is locked, no changes can be made to the plan.

 approve unlock

Next to "approval status" you will see, in bright blue font, "APPROVE this plan" / "DENY-UNLOCK this plan."  Once you click on this, it updates the student's and the department/program Dashboard and sends an email to the student. 

If you wish to approve of the student's major or minor plan, then select  "APPROVE this plan;" hit "load" to refresh the page and your name will appear as the approver, with the date, at the top of the planner page.

If you wish to make changes, or have the student make a change you will need to select "DENY-UNLOCK this plan."

If you select "APPROVE this plan" you have completed the major/minor approval process. If you select "DENY-UNLOCK this plan," the student must resubmit an updated plan.

Updating a Plan

To update, or make any changes to a plan a student has submitted, select "DENY-UNLOCK this plan."

This unlocks the plan, and then either you or the student may now make changes to the plan.

All changes must be made in the "edit" mode. Select "edit" and click "load." Then make the desired changes.

Once you or the student has made any changes, select "SAVE."  Note, do not select "save as."  Be sure to select "Save."

This submits the updated plan for approval.

Select the "view" mode and click "load." "APPROVE this plan" / "DENY-UNLOCK this plan" will again appear.

Select "APPROVE this plan" and the updated plan is now approved.

The process is now complete. Your department/program administrator has a Dashboard where she or he is able to view all approvals, all plan submissions, their status, plan history and a variety of other features. 

Need Help?

Check with your department/program administrator about any questions relating to your majors and minors.

If you have any questions about how DegreeWorks and major/minor declaration works, please email the Registrar's Office and we would be happy to assist.

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Last Updated: 10/12/15