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Department/Program Reference Guide for Major/Minor Declaration and Plan Submission

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Approve or Deny/Unlock a Plan


Students use the DegreeWorks Program Planner to enter their Major, Major prerequisites, culminating experience, and term by term courses in the same way they did using the paper cards. Then they submit the information to the appropriate Department/Program for review and approval. See STUDENT GUIDE for MAJOR DECLARATION and SUBMITTING a MAJOR PLAN. Also see video guides on HOW to SUBMIT a MAJOR DECLARATION and HOW to SUBMIT a MODIFIED MAJOR.
As soon as they submit their Plans, students receive an automated email telling them that they must meet with an Advisor in the Department/Program to review their Major Plan, and that the Major declaration process is not yet complete. The email explains that they will be hearing from the Department/Program with instructions on their procedure.
  • The Department/Program Administrator also receives an email notification that the student has submitted a Major declaration.
  • Departments/Programs communicate directly with students about their procedures. Therefore, you can describe to the student your Department/Program's particular process used for Major advising.
Faculty and Department/Program Administrators have access to students' DegreeWorks Program Planners and may structure their Major declaration process as appropriate for their area. The Program Planner is a component of DegreeWorks for students to declare their Majors/Minors and Plan their major/Minor program with the help of a faculty advisor. See the DegreeWorks Overview for more information about the two components of DegreeWorks and click HERE for more information about how to use the Program Planner.


Each Department/Program has a "Dashboard" where they are able to view the following:
  • Name and ID of each student seeking a Major or Minor in their Department/Program
  • Majors/Minors the student has already officially declared or are pending approval in other Departments/Programs
  • What they are seeking:
    • Major
    • Minor
    • Modified Major A (approvals required by two Department/Programs)
    • Modified Major B (approvals required by your Department/Program only)
  • Request type (new, updated)
  • Status (Needs Advisor Approval, Adivsor Approved, Denied by Registrar, Denied by Advisor)
  • Approver (once a Plan is approved or denied by Department/Program)
  • Reason if denied (if Department/Program wishes to enter a reason)

 Dept Web App for Online Majors

Department/Program Administrators reference their Online Major Dashboard to identify those students who have requested Majoring in their Department/Program and to
  • Notify the students about the process to use when meeting with an Advisor for approval. (Note: There is a function within the application to email students.)

  • Notify Faculty advisors in the Department/Program of students who have requested a Major declaration, or any other related information For example, in some Departments/Programs the students all meet with the Chair, in others they may meet with the Department/Program Administrator and then with a member of the Department/Program or perhaps with an identified set of faculty members. The Dashboard is the central management tool to use for administering the declaration process. The COI encourages continued student-faculty personal interaction for Major advising.

  • View requests “pending approval” (status is display only and comes from the DegreeWorks Plan Status)

  • View declarations that are “approved” (displays Advisor or person who approved/denied Plan)

  • View declarations that have been "updated" (students or advisors who change the courses in their Plan after it has already been approved or denied)

  • Enter denial reasons for the student from a pre-defined list (optional)

  • E-mail student or faculty Advisor (optional)

  • View students who have dropped the Department/Program's Major

  • View what other Majors students' have in other Departments/Programs if they have more than one Major Note: This is important because faculty rules do not allow students to use the same courses towards fulfilling more than one Major, or to fulfill the requirements of a Major and Minor. Therefore this alerts the Department/Program to check the new Major Plan against any prior Plans.

  • Search historical information to see an audit trail on a student’s declaration and/or all declarations made by the student

  • Filter activity by any of the headings.  For example you could filter by all the students who are declaring a Major vs. Minor, or by Advisor.

  • For a Department/Program Administrator who is responsible for more than one area, switch between Departments/Programs via a "Department/Program" picker at top right of page

  • "Move To” Registrar to complete the process and officially file the declaration by clicking on a checkbox and submitting those checked to the Registrar's Office. NOTE: This step was added to allow Departments/Programs flexibility in designing their process for reviewing and approving Majors. Plans approved by the Department/Program, in some cases, will get a final Review / Approval by the Registrar's Office.


Plans are sorted with those items requiring Department/Program action appearing at the top of the list (Plans ready to submit to Registrar first, denied second, all the rest follow)

Department Dashboard

Updating a Major (when a student makes changes to his or her already approved Plan or, if the Plan was DENIED and the student or advisor updates it)
If a student wishes to make updates to his/her already approved Plan, the approval process begins over again. Also, if the first Plan is denied a new Plan must be submitted.
  • The student makes the changes in his or her Plan in DegreeWorks and submits it.
  • The Department/Program Dashboard will show that there is a new, pending Major declaration. Note: The "Plan History" function will assist in providing information about any prior submissions of the Plan.
  • The Department/Program Administrator is alerted by email that the student has submitted an updated Plan.
  • Each Department/Program may have different procedures for processing updates to Plans and while the student will receive an automated email that the Plan has been submitted, you will want to communicate with the student about your process.
NOTE: DegreeWorks requires that students fulfill the Plan exactly as submitted. It does not check against the Timetable to see when courses are being offered. While students are required to fulfill the requirements as stated in the ORC, each Department/Program may have different policies related to term specific requirements, and whether students need to submit an updated Plan if they are going to take a course a different term than Planned.


Dashboard Plan History


history function in depth

Search Function in Dashboard

Search Function




  • If you enter a student's DartID on the Department/Program Dashboard Search it will return all the activity that has taken place with that student. For example, it will include any Plans that the student has submitted, whether denied or approved, adjusted Plans, emails sent, etc. as well as the text of the message.

  • If you click on "Plan History" next to a student's Plan you will view the history of that student's Plan (in contrast to the search function which would bring back information about all Plans that the student may have in the system.)




The student meets with the Department/Program Advisor to review the students' Major Plan in DegreeWorks. (Department/Program Advisors and/or Administrators may wish to review students' Plans before these meetings – this is optional.)

The Department/Program view in DegreeWorks allows the user to approve or deny a Plan.

We recommend to students that they review their Degree Audit Worksheet which shows progress towards meeting Degree and General Education Requirements. It can be viewed online and if desired, students can print it and bring it with them to meet with their Advisor. (Both the Degree Audit and the Program Planner have a PRINT function).

If the student already has declared a prior Major or Minor, the Department/Program reviews courses in all DegreeWorks Plans before approving a new plan to ensure no courses are used to fulfill more than one Major/Minor.

The Department/Program may approve or deny the student Plan.

Note: The Department/Program Advisor, Chair, and/or Department Administrator can review the Plan, and in any order. How the Department/Program structures this process is totally up to the Department/Program.  The name of the person who actually clicks on the DegreeWorks approval/deny feature will show up on the Department/Program Dashboard as the student's "Advisor".

           To Review Plans, and Approve/Deny Plans in DegreeWorks:

  • The faculty advisor begins by logging into DegreeWorks from the BannerStudent for Faculty menu.
  • Find the student in DegreeWorks to retrieve the student's record

    DegreeWorks Find Tool

    Degree Works Find Student

The student's personalized "Degree Audit Worksheet," showing his or her progress towards the degree, will now appear. Click HERE for more information about students' Degree Audit Worksheet. We suggest to students that they review their progress towards the degree prior to Major Planning.

Click on the "Planner" tab which is next to the "Worksheet" tab, and the "Student Educational Planner" template will replace the worksheet.

Planner Tab

Find the correct Major in the "description" field and select it. Note: If the student has more than one Major/Minor, the student will have more than one Plan. Multiple plans will require review to ensure no double-dipping of courses. To toggle between plans, select the desired plan from the drop down box and click the "Load" button to refresh the plan with the selected plan.

The Major is currently listed as "inactive" since it is not yet approved or denied. 

toggle plan name


Degree View

Just below the Plan template, where the student has listed the courses term by term, there is a box where the student has entered a Major type/concentration (if applicable), prerequisites and culminating experience for Advisor review. Faculty can view this along with the courses each term.

The "Edit" radio button is selected by default. You should change to "View" and click "Load" to continue with the approval process. Next to the "approval status" for the Plan, which shows that the Plan is pending approval, there are two options in BLUE:

APPROVE this Plan or DENY-UNLOCK this Plan

The advisor simply clicks on the appropriate option. You may have to click “Load” for the new status to update on this page.

This will now show on the Department/Program Dashboard and also on the Student Dashboard. The Student will also receive an email indicating that s/he has received approval or denial of his or her Major declaration.


Approved/Denied/Unlocked View Mode

View Mode continue

To make changes (updates) to a Plan

You must DENY a Plan to UNLOCK it before you can make changes/updates to a Plan. Then, after the changes are made, you SAVE the new, updated Plan and APPROVE it.

  • Deny the Plan in the VIEW mode.

  • Switch to EDIT mode and LOAD.

  • Make desired changes and SAVE the Plan by resubmitting it.

  • Switch to VIEW mode, hit "load" and approve the new Plan.


yes submit


Additional Features

 Planned vs. Taken in DegreeWorks
Comparing a student's "Planned" courses to what the student has "Taken"
  • Select "Plan vs. Taken" from the pull down menu on the Planner menu bar
  • Select the "Show Completed Classes" check box
  • Change the mode to "View" mode
  • Click on the "load" button to reload the Plan
If the button at the top of the term is GREEN, then the student has taken the intended course(s) that term. 

     Plan Vs. Taken

If the button at the top of the term is RED, then the student has not taken the intended course(s) that term.

Plan Vs Taken fail

NOTE: The application will not check among terms to see whether the student has completed a course(s) in another term; the course(s) must have been completed in the term she or he indicated.


Modified Majors

Students may choose to declare a Modified Major A (Primary and Secondary Department/Program Approvals required) or Modified Major B (Single Department/Program Approval required only.) If they choose Modified Major A, they will be creating two Plans that are identical but using slightly different naming conventions (that they can view on a PDF link in DegreeWorks) that route to each Department/Program for approval. See the ORC for information on modified Majors.

  • All Modified Majors must include a Major rationale. Students are instructed to submit an email copy of their Modified Major Rationale to the Registrar and appropriate Department/Programs at the same time that they submit their program Plan(s).

  • When a student submits a modified Major Plan, s/he will receive an automated email reminder to submit a Major rationale.

  • The Registrar is the final approver of all modified Majors. Until the program Plan and rationale are reviewed and approved by the appropriate Departments/Programs AND the Registrar, the Major is not declared.


Dropping a Major

  • Students may drop a Major/Minor using their Dashboard on Banner Student.

  • NOTE: Students may not drop to "no Major" once they have declared a Major. They will receive an email notification if they have tried to drop their last Major, which will stay on record as their Major until they declare a new one.

  • Departments/Programs are able to view on their Dashboards when a student has dropped the Major in their Department/Program.

More than One Major

  • Students create a separate Plan for each Major they wish to declare. All Plans can be viewed by all Departments/Programs.

  • If a student already has a Major declared, the name of the Department/Program in which s/he has declared the Major appears below his/her name on the Dashboard.

  • It is therefore important when reviewing and approving the student's Major Plan to check both Plans to ensure that the same courses are not used to fulfill more than one Major/Minor.

  • IMPORTANT: Faculty legislation states that students may not use the same courses to complete two or more Majors or to fulfill the same requirements for a Major/Minor. It is possible, however for the prerequisites of one Major to be used to fulfill a second Major. See the ORC for complete description of the Faculty rule.

Declaring a Minor

Students use the declaration process and Program Planner in DegreeWorks, and their Online Major/Minor Dashboard to declare a Minor in the same way in which they declare a Major. The only difference is that Minors do not require the submission of a culminating experience. Note that a student cannot exceed two additional Majors or Minors beyond the required Major (for a total of three). If the Minor has been completed at the time of graduation, it will then be noted on the student’s transcript, but the fact that a student is working toward a Minor will not appear on the transcript prior to graduation.
A Minor may not be in the same department or program as the student’s Major (either part of the Major in the case of a Modified Major), except when completely separate Majors are offered by the same department or program (French and Italian, for instance) and would be acceptable as the two parts of a double Major. As with Dual Majors, no course may count toward both a Major and a Minor or toward both of two Minors (although a course may be part of one of these and prerequisite to the other, or prerequisite to both, subject to the approval of both Departments or Programs). At most one course in the Minor, including prerequisite courses, in which the standing of NR is received, may be used toward satisfying the Minor. Individual departments or programs may disallow courses with NR standing to count toward their Minors…


For more information about Minors, see the ORC and individual Department/Program web pages.


  • When I click “Approve” or “Deny/Unlock” on a student’s Major/Minor in DegreeWorks, nothing happens. What is going on?
    • In Firefox and Safari, it is known that no pop-ups or instant feedback will occur when you click these buttons. In order to determine if your APPROVE this plan" / "DENY-UNLOCK this plan action has been successful, click the Load button near the top of the page and make sure it is set to View mode (to the right of the Load button). This will reload and update the page, and the student’s plan.
  • What browser do you recommend we use DegreeWorks in?
    • We recommend that you use Internet Explorer, which is fully compatible with DegreeWorks. Firefox has also been tested and works, with some minor known issues. We do not recommend using Safari and Chrome, as both these browsers are not fully compatible with DegreeWorks.



Last Updated: 10/9/14