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Office of the Registrar

Dartmouth College
Office of the Registrar
6014 McNutt Hall
Hanover, NH 03755-3541

Phone: (603) 646-2246
Fax: (603) 646-2247
Email: registrar@Dartmouth.EDU


Approaching Dates and Deadlines

  • August 19 Final day to alter grade limit filed under the Non-Recording Option (NRO)
  • August 19 Last day in term for holding a major quiz or an hour examination
  • August 26 Summer term classes end; start of Pre-Examination Break
  • August 26 Final day, prior to the start of fall term classes, for students to make changes in fall term elections
  • August 27-28 Pre-Examination Break
  • August 29 Final examinations begin
  • August 31 Scheduled Final Examinations end
  • September 1 Final examination period ends
  • September 11 Grades and medians available on the web


 Registrar News and Highlights

Summer term course assessment open until Sept 7. Questionnaires now include three additional student-initiated questions.

Welcome class of 2019! New student orientation and fall term course election information now available.



Summer Newsletter - On Course



Last Updated: 8/21/15