Overview of Intro to MPI class

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1.Overview of Parallel Programming
2.Parallel Computer Architectures
3.Parallel Programming Models
4.Pros and Cons of OpenMP and MPI
5.Parallel Programming Issues
6.Problem Decomposition
7.What Is MPI?
8.Differences Between Versions of MPI
9.Hello World MPI Examples
10.How to Compile MPI Programs
11.How to Run MPICH1 Programs Interactively
12.How to Run MPICH2 Programs Interactively
13.How to Run MPICH1 Programs in A Batch Queue
14.How to Run MPICH2 Programs in A Batch Queue
15.Basic MPI Functions (Subroutines) and Data types
16.MPI Numerical Integration Example
17.MPI Numerical Integration Reduction Example
18.Details of Message Passing
19.Wildcarding and Using the Status Handle
20.MPI Point-to-Point Communication Modes
21.MPI Collective Communication Modes
22.MPI Task Parallelism Example
23.MPI Array Search Example 1
24.MPI Array Search Example 2
25.Avoiding MPI Deadlock
26.MPI Error Handling
27.MPI resources