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Carol L. Folt

Photo of Carol L. Folt, Acting ProvostProvost

Departments and Programs

  • Dean of Faculty
  • Biological Sciences

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Contact Information

Phone: 603-646-2404
Office: 6004 Parkhurst Hall, Suite 204


B.A. University of California at Santa Barbara; M.A. University of California at Santa Barbara; Ph.D. University of California at Davis

Areas of Expertise

Environmental science and limnology; metal fate and transport; toxico-genomics; salmon conservation

Selected Works

  • Ward, D M, K H Nislow, and C L Folt, "Increased Population Density and Suppressed Prey Biomass: Relative Impacts on Juvenile Atlantic Salmon Growth, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, 138:1 (2009) 135-143.
  • Chen, C Y, P C Pickhardt, M Q Xum, and C L Folt, "Mercury and Arsenic Bioaccumulation and Eutrophication in Baiyangdian Lake," Water, Air & Soil Pollution, 190:1-4 (2008) 115-127.
  • Kennedy B P, K H Nislow, and C L Folt, "Linking Consumption Rates to Habitat, Growth and Survival of Juvenile Atlantic Salmon," Ecology, 89:9 (2008) 2529-2541.
  • Ward, D M, K H Nislow, and C L Folt, "Do Native Species Limit Survival of Reintroduced Altantic Salmon in Historic Rearing Streams?" Biological Conservation, 141:1 (2008) 146-152.
  • Karimi, R, C Y Chen, N S Fisher, P C Pickhardt, and C L Folt, "Stoichiometric Controls of Mercury Dilution by Growth," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104:18 (2007) 7477-7482.
  • Shaw, J R, J K Colbourne, J C Davey, S P Glaholt, T H Hampton, C Y Chen, C L Folt, and J W Hamilton, "Gene Response Profiles for Daphnia pulex Exposed to the Environmental Stressor Cadmium Reveals Novel Crustacean Metallothioneins," BMC Genomics, 8:477 (2007).

Current Projects

Accumulation and biomagnification of metals; genomic responses to metal toxicity; restoration of Atlantic salmon

Previous Provosts of Dartmouth

  • Donald H. Morrison (Professor of Government), 1955-59
  • John Masland (Professor of Government), 1959-67
  • Louis Morton (Professor of History), 1971-72
  • Leonard M. Rieser (Professor of Physics), 1967-71 and 1972-82
  • Agnar Pytte (Professor of Physics), 1982-87
  • John W. Strohbhen (Professor of Engineering), 1987-93
  • P. Bruce Pipes (Professor of Physics), 1993-94
  • Lee C. Bollinger (Professor of Government), 1994-96
  • James E. Wright (Professor of History), 1997-98
  • Constance E. Brinckerhoff (Professor of Medicine & Biochemistry), 1998-99
  • Susan Westerberg Prager (Professor of Law ), 1999-2001
  • Barry P. Scherr (Professor of Russian), 2001-2009

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