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Take a Professor to Lunch Program

The "Take a Professor to Lunch" program is a long-standing donor-funded program administered by Student Affairs through the Undergraduate Deans Office. We are very grateful for the support of Gerry Kaminsky '61 whose generous gifts have made this program possible. Student interest is high and feedback very positive. Each term, the program supports an average of eighty meals at the Hanover Inn for one to three students and their faculty guests.

Faculty members have enjoyed this opportunity, but also have asked whether it could be expanded. Gerry Kaminsky '61 has agreed to extend his support of the faculty lunch program to include a pilot project to make it possible for more spontaneous interactions between faculty and undergraduate students over lunch in '53 Commons.

  1. The "Take a Professor to Lunch" program will remain as it is, so that students can continue to invite faculty for a "special occasion" lunch at Pine in the Hanover Inn. Students can request a Pine voucher from the Undergraduate Deans Office. Vouchers typically run out for this program by the end of each term. Mr. Kaminsky has added funding to this endowment to ensure that students are not turned away when they request a voucher.
  2. Because of the busy nature of the lives of both our faculty and undergraduate students, we will provide a new dining option. Faculty members who would like to join a student at '53 Commons without the pre-planning required for the "Take a Professor to Lunch" program will now be able to do so. At the '53 Commons cashier line, students will swipe in using their own ID as usual. Faculty members will present their faculty ID and sign in, and they will be provided lunch on a special program meal card.

We appreciate Mr. Kaminsky's ongoing support for student/faculty engagement outside the classroom. This new pilot program will run through at least the end of spring term. At that time, the program's success will be evaluated and we will confer with the Committee on the Faculty about the effectiveness of this new option.

This pilot program is operational now and we hope faculty and students will take advantage of it.