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Academics at Dartmouth

Dartmouth College is a small liberal arts college located in Hanover, New Hampshire. Just as there is no formal "pre-med" major, there is no "pre-vet" major. However, students can fulfill pre-vet requirements for the majority of veterinary schools while at Dartmouth. Some schools require courses such as animal nutrition that would need to be taken elsewhere.

We have compiled a general schedule of which Dartmouth courses to take when in our General Schedule.

We are working on a table compiling veterinary school requirements. For now, to see requirements of individual schools, visit the VMCAS website:

Make sure to note requirements you may not have expected for individual schools, which may include: sociology, psychology, statistics, microbiology, oral communication, and the number of English or literature courses required. Please also note that the AAVMC website does not include schools like Tufts, Texas A&M, or Ross.

School specific information

-Cornell requires biochemistry with lab. However, the second term of organic chemistry (Chem 52 or 58) fulfills the lab requirement for biochemistry for Cornell. This means that after taking Chem 51-52 or 57-58, you may take either Bio 40 (biochem with no lab through the biology department) or Chem 41 (biochem with lab through the chemistry department) to fulfill your biochem requirement for Cornell.

-The following veterinary schools require courses in animal science, animal nutrition, or nutrition, which are currently not offered at Dartmouth. Some universities offer online courses in animal nutrition that you may take if you wish to apply to the below schools:

  • Auburn University
  • University of Florida
  • Michigan State University
  • North Carolina State University
  • Oklahoma State University
  • Oregon State University
  • Purdue University
  • Texas A&M University



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