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The Wheelock Succession of Dartmouth Presidents



Another period of growth marked the tenure of President Bartlett, with the building of Rollins Chapel, Bartlett Hall, and Wilson Hall. An elective course for students took shape during his administration and the endowment surpassed the million-dollar mark. Bartlett improved working conditions for faculty members and added 30 more scholarships to what had been an already growing list during the tenure of President Lord.

But the administration of President Bartlett was an embattled one, and he lost the vital support of faculty and alumni alike. The controversy surrounding him reached an apogee when the majority of the graduating Class of 1881 called for his removal from office. Subjected to an investigation by the Trustees, Bartlett employed what had become a legendary wit and finely honed intelligence to explain his actions and defend his administration. As a result, the charges—that he had alienated the faculty, ignored important administrative duties, and generally conducted himself in a way unbecoming a Dartmouth president—"melted away," in the words of one chronicler. President Bartlett remained in office until 1892, when he resigned to become a member of the faculty.

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